Paris Themed Party Favors: 20 Budget-friendly and Exquisite Ideas

Paris themed party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

The Paris themed party is always amazing and exquisite. It is perfect for girls’ parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday parties, sweet 16 celebrations, etc. While you are hosting a memorable Paris themed party at home, make sure you have prepared some Paris themed party favors bags for guests so that they go home with a smile (after attending the party). 

You must be now looking for some exciting Paris themed party favor ideas? Not to worry much! In this article, we have chosen 20 French themed party favors for you!

1) Paris Themed Keychain Party Favor

If you are not sure what to put into Paris themed party favor bags, then why don’t you consider gifting these cute and exquisite Paris themed keychains? These keychains feature classic French architecture like the flag of France, the famous Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and more. Your guests can tie these keychains to their favorite backpacks, purses, suitcases, etc. Made of high-quality Zinc alloy material, they ensure long-term usage and durability.

2) Refillable Perfume Bottles

We all know that France is the heavenly famous place for making great perfumes. To resemble this fact, we have come up with these refillable perfume bottles, all made of glass and covered with colorful polymer clay in which your guests can refill their favorite perfume or essential oil. These beautiful and elegant bottles will further keep the perfume/oil protected from direct sunlight and heat.

3) Pink I Love Paris Pencils

Pencils are a multi-purpose tool. Starting from adults to kids, all can use pencils for crafting, writing, drawing, sketching, and much more too. Now, these particular pencils aren’t any generic ones. Instead, they have a perfectly Paris theme with fun Eiffel Tower illustrations. These pencils are ready to become your guests’ top-favorite Paris themed party favor for sure.

4) Macaron Mini Storage Case

Looking for cool and interesting Paris party supplies? If yes, then these French Macaron storage cases can be a suitable choice. Not only do these cases perfectly match the party theme, but also they offer multi-purpose values. For example, your guests can store jewelry, medicines, earphones, and other essential belongings in these tiny, adorable boxes.

5) Vintage Paris Sticker Party Favor

Among your guests, there will be some kids as well. You can make them truly happy by offering them a vintage Paris sticker. To give you a brief intro, this sticker includes various authentic Paris themed elements, such as Eiffel Tower icons on various backgrounds. These stickers are PVC material based, along with sun protection and waterproof functions.

6) Ooh La La Paris Themed Bottle Sticker

Here, the idea is pretty simple! All you will need is to prepare some tasty and refreshing bottle drinks and put these fancy stickers on the bottles. That’s it! Now, these bottles with appropriate Paris stickers are ready to be gifted to your party guests.

7) Square Silk Satin Scarf

Do you know that Paris women love wearing silk satin scarves in many ways? For example, they used to wear these satin scarves to style their hair looks. What’s even better, these scarves can be used as decorative hair scrunchies, hair bands, neck scarves, bandannas, wristbands, waistbands, fancy handbag decorations, and more. Rest assured that each of these scarves is having a modern printed pattern that looks both stylish and fashionable.

8) Wine Charms 

Given that France is also so famous because of its wine and champagne, we have brought exclusive Wine Charms. These precious wine charms are not beautiful, but also they are perfect as Paris party favors. Each of them comes with beautiful detailing and a polished design that looks so unique and enticing for sure.

9) Paris themed Pencil Case

Students will like Paris themed Pencil Case as they can use it at school. These pencil cases have a unique vintage vibe print on each side where kids can easily place small items and gadgets including pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and much more too. Not to mention, these durable and high-quality zipper closure pencil cases have a vintage Paris theme printing on both sides. That’s why these items are great as Paris theme party favors.

10) I Love Paris Collection Dishtowel

If you are planning to gift beautiful party favors Paris theme to your beloved guests, then here’s another appropriate collection for you! Dishtowel is surely a must-have piece to every kitchen. This time, these dishtowels are embellished with French theme and Paris theme elements. What’s even better? Please feel free to use these towels for home decoration purposes. 

11) Crystal Flower Jelly Lipstick

For the lovely female guests at your baby showers or birthday party celebrations, these jelly lipsticks will be a pampering party favor. These lipsticks, made of cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils will keep the lips always hydrated and moisturized. In addition, it has an amazing color-changing property and can automatically adjust to the lip’s natural color.

12) Pink Paris Folding Fan

Offering party favors are always a nice gesture! Specifically, if you are arranging a Paris themed party, then please make sure to include these Pink Paris folding fans. These paper made fans come with plastic handles and are so much perfect for the ultimate France-inspired party. What’s more, these folding fans are available in bright pink color – very eye-catching and attractive for sure.

13) Eiffel Tower Base Place Card Holders

For your perfectly Paris party celebrations and the upcoming guests, these Eiffel Tower Paris themed party favors are another excellent gifting option. Your guests can use these photo cum card holders in many ways. For example, they can place precious family photos or any other memorable snaps using these card holders at home.

14) Paris Wall Art Posters

Who does not love Paris? Or, do you want to take me to Paris or probably meet me in Paris? — all these famous Paris inspired quotes are now available in these wall art prints. If you gift these art posters to your family and friends, they can use them to decorate their home interiors and always enjoy the moment roaming around Paris.

15) Mini Hanging Pendant Eiffel Tower Charms

These multi-purpose Eiffel Tower charms can be used as a hanging pendant to any bracelet, necklace, keychain, and more. Each of these hanging charms comes with exquisite craftsmanship along with a plain and smooth surface so that it does not cause any harm and discomfort to the skin. Moreover, these items go well when it comes to party favors Paris.

16) Paris Oh la la Mini Candy Bar

In the party favor box of Paris theme parties, let’s not forget to include these mini candy bars. Both kids and adults (all our chocolate lover fans) will simply love taking a delicious bite to the candy bars. Moreover, you should wrap these candy bars with this Paris Oh La La wrapper to make them even more enticing, surprising, and interesting for the guests.

17) Van Gogh Bookmarks Cards

Bookmark cards are indeed a perfect stocking stuffer piece for all guests alike. But, these are not any simple bookmark cards. These are quite unique and one-of-a-kind Van Gogh Vincent bookmark cards where you will find so many interesting facts and quotes about this famous painter who spent most of his working life in France. Whether you are arranging a Paris themed party anytime soon, you may consider putting these bookmark cards for the guests. Your guests will simply love exploring the unknown facts about Vincent Van Gogh. In addition, they can even use these bookmark cards while reading their favorite books.

18) Blossom Compact Mirror

Paris is extremely well-known for its magnificent spring flower season. Considering this fact, we have come together with these compact mirrors that perfectly flaunt Paris’ blossom spring season theme. These compact mirrors are available in four different shape options, such as rectangle, round, heart shape, and oval. The design of these compact mirrors is surely sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and appealing. Since it has an extremely compact shape and size, girls can easily carry these stunning accessories in their purses as well as handbags.

19) Paris Themed Refrigerator Magnets

Let your guests enjoy the feeling of visiting the mesmerizing city of Paris. Not sure how this is possible? Well, do not worry as you do not have to purchase expensive airplane tickets for them to visit the city. Instead, we have a cheaper yet charming solution. We have put together these refrigerator magnets which represent the marvelous architecture and scenarios of Paris city. As you already know that magnets are always such a common travel souvenir. Thus, offering your guests a Paris theme refrigerator magnet won’t be a bad choice either! 

20) Pink I Love Paris themed party favor bags

You must have already revealed a bunch of versatile, unique, and interesting Paris themed party favors in the above sections. Rest assured that each of them is affordable, budget-friendly, and exquisite! 

Now, if you have already picked your favorite party favors, then please do not waste any more time and wrap those tiny, little tokens of gifts using these Pink I Love Paris themed bags!

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