Party Favors for Teen Boys: 12 Super Cool and Inexpensive items they’re Bound to Like

party favor ideas for teen boys

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Wondering what are the best party favors for teen boys? 

Needless to say, teenage is a special and unique phase of each of our lives when we (especially teen boys) undergo so many behavioral changes. These grown-up teen boys have different perceptions, likings, and preferences. To be more, they may tend to keep everything a little bit more low-key, but, at the same time, try to maintain their image and style. Now, if you are planning to host a birthday party or other event with a lot of teenage boy guests, then it’s high time to take a step further, especially when you are trying to figure our the ideas of the best party favors for teen boys.

How to choose the best party favors for teen boys? 

Let’s try to figure out what are the best party favor ideas for teen boys that they’re bound to like, fulfill their interest zone, and they can subsequently use it one day and ideally inspirational (or, at least, they won’t roll their eyes while looking through the party favor bags).

In this article, we are going to talk about 12 party favors for teenage boys that they are gonna like when they are gonna use them. There is one thing we must stress is that teen boys are undergoing certain behavioral changes and they may want to act like or look like a grown-up man some time, so when we are picking that party favors for them, we have to take that into consideration too.

Inspirational Wristbands,party favor ideas for teen boys

1. Inspirational Wristbands

We have just talked about how teen boys love acting like a grown-up during this phase. They’ll certainly want to look smart and handsome. That’s why these Inspirational Wristbands are indeed a good gift for any teenage boy. For example, they can wear it while going to school or even playing sports. These silicone-made wristbands flaunt positive messages: Dream, Believe, Create and Inspire for daily motivation.

Puzzle Toy Box Game party favor ideas for teen boys

2. Balance IQ Cube Puzzle

Arranging a teenager birthday party and not sure what to put in favor bags? No worries! This product i.e. Balance IQ Cube Puzzle can be an interesting and engaging token of gift for teen boys. They can use this puzzle to play around with their friends, solve the complexities and difficulties like a mastermind, and find out who has the best IQ, problem-solving, and balancing skills. What’s even better, this classic thinking brain teaser game will even enhance concentration and hand-eye coordination.

3. Lip Balm for Boys 

The winter season is approaching soon! This is the time when we all suffer from dry and chapped lips. Thus, offering teen boys a good-quality lip balm is surely a nice idea. Teenage boys can use one of these lip balms when the weather is dry (without being teased with lizard lips). These lip balms are available in four exotic flavor options including Original Vanilla, Smoot Mint, Raspberry Cream, and Tangerine Dream, all made of natural, paraben free, gluten free, non-toxic, and GMO-free ingredients.

party favor ideas for teen boys mini flash light

4. Mini Flash Light 

Inside birthday party treat bags for teenage boys, you can consider placing a mini flash light. Needless to mention, teen boys are still full of curiosity and indeed flashlight is a very useful accessory for them. For example, this flash light can be helpful when they are heading on an outdoor trip like camping. Plus, they may even learn from YouTube about some communicative coding techniques like Morse code and play with friends using mini flash lights.

5. Paracord Bracelets for Teen Boys

We have got amazing and cool teenage boy party supplies already! These are smart and stylish wristband bracelets, meant for teen boys. Teenagers can wear these minimalistic hand accessories for everyday purposes. These accessories are trendy, durable , and suitable for smart, casual looks. 

6. Metal Money Clip for Cash and Debit Cards

Teenage is indeed a miracle phase of our lives! Especially, for teen boys, it’s the path of transforming from little kids to fully grown men. This is the time when most of them prefer copying exactly what the adults are doing including how adults are managing and arranging currency notes and debit cards. To make this more hassle-free for teens, you can gift them these metal money clips (pretty cool and useful accessories) so that they can mimic the adults’ finance deeds.

Motivational Keychains with Inspirational Quotes -party favor ideas for teen boys

7. Motivational Metal Keychains with Inspirational Quotes

Teens birthday party should be full of inspirational and exciting gift hampers and giveaways. Since this is a special phase of their lives, we will always want to keep them stay motivated, inspired, positive, and follow the right path. That’s why we have included these metal keychains with excellent quotes, to spread positive energy, goodness, and morality. This is one of the best and least expensive gifts for teens irrespective of the party theme.

8. Shaving Cream for teen boys

Teen boys can have different demanding needs. This time, they undergo so many behavioral, external, mental, and internal changes. Some of these grown-up teens will also need perfect shaving cream to easily shave away unwanted beards. So, shaving creams will be quite handy and useful for them. These shaving creams are ready to form a luxuriously hydrating lather, moisturize skin’s surface, and offer them a comfortable shave.

9. Winter Scarf

Since winter is coming soon, we all need some cool and stylish winter accessories! So, what about some winter scarves that go well with all types of attire? Teenagers can use these scarves for everyday-purpose as well as special occasions. To be more precise, they can complement their favorite outfits with these stylish and timeless winter fleece solid scarves. The best part? These scarves will even draw away sweat and moisture from the skin and offer added comfort.

Sports Headband, party favor ideas for teen boys

10. Sports Headband for teen boys

As we have mentioned previously, teen boys begin to learn to be adult men and begin to try acting like adults sometimes, and so they even want to look like them as well. So, please feel free to gift them these stylish sports headbands. Made of breathable material, these headbands will fit everyone and also absorb sweat and moisture. Teens can wear these headbands, grab a stunning adult-like look, and focus on whatever they’re doing without worrying about hair.

Motivational Stress Balls , party favor ideas for teen boys

11. Stress Squeeze Balls with Inspiring Quote for teen boys

Teenage life can sometimes be really stressful. So, please do not hesitate to offer them these squeeze balls with inspiring quotes. These items are a great way to relieve stress. At the same time, they will even offer an extra boost of positivity, inspiration, and patience. These stress squeeze balls will also improve your grip strength and finger dexterity.

Sports Drawstring Backpack Drawstring Bag Sack Pack String Bag , party favor ideas for teen boys

12. Sports Drawstring Bag

These gift bags or goodie bags are also a perfect teen boys’ party favor. These bags serve multiple purposes. In fact, teens can actually use bags to carry all stuff and necessary belongings before heading out to the street. Even they can also pack their items into it when heading for an outdoor trip with friends. Interestingly, these sturdy and durable bags have eye-catching, sporty looks!

Wrapping Up

We have already covered twelve party favor ideas for teen boys! If you are still struggling with what to get them, maybe you can present them with a video game gift card. Young teens have a fascination for video games! So, they’re gonna like these adventurous, and engaging Xbox video games.

Now, what’s up? You have already revealed 12 super cool yet inexpensive ideas of teen boys party favors. So, go, get set, and arrange a teenager birthday party right away!

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