Party Headband Ideas: 10 Kawaii Headbands That Will Make You Look Great At Any Party

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Kawaii in Japanese literally means cute, so if you want to use a headband to dress up your look at your next party, then the 10 we’re about to show you are perfect. Sometimes, we don’t want to go to parties in full fancy dress! But we also don’t want to arrive in our normal outfits or else we might not feel in the party mood. A headband costume is the perfect alternative because it shows you’re party-ready, without being too exaggerated. It’s even better when they’re cute, and these 10 are definitely cute! 

1. Fluffy Cat Ears Headband 

When it comes to headband costumes, there’s nothing more classic than cat ears! These fluffy cosplay cat ears will make everybody stop and stare because they’re so cute and the colours really pop! These would be perfect for any fancy dress party, but especially good at Halloween if you put on a little face paint too!

2. Shinny Cat Ears Headband

What’s better than fluffy cat ears? Reversible sequin cat ears, of course! These brightly coloured cat ears really look great and they’ll brighten up even the most boring of parties! You could wear these to any party, but if you’re throwing an awesome glow in the dark party, then these will add even more colour to the bright event! 

3. Bear Ears Headband 

Cute, fluffy, and in the shape of bear ears. Do we really need to say anything else? This party headband will be a real talking point because everybody will love how soft and adorable they are. This would be a really fun headband to wear to a baby shower or something similar, as a way of showing your support for a new little one – you’ll be like a giant comforting teddy bear!

4. Cow Ears Headband 

Alright, we hear you. Are cow ears a bit of a strange choice for a party? You bet they are – and that’s exactly the reason you should wear them! Think about how many people will stop and ask you ‘Why the cow ears?’ as you walk through a house party. Your response: ‘Why not the cow ears?’. Then just walk away, because what else needs to be said? Of course, this is always one of the best costume headband choices.

5. Unicorn Headband 

A unicorn headband is every little girl’s dream, right? And this one is a genuine treat because it’s so adorable! Everybody will stop and ask your little girl (and you too, if you feel brave enough to wear one) where you got it from. This is perfect for a kid’s birthday party, and if you want to wear it yourself at the weekend as you clean the house, nobody can stop you! Ah, adulthood, how we love you…

6. LOL Queen Bee Tinsel Pom Headband 

Want to have hair like the infamous Queen Bee from LOL? Then this is the perfect party headband costume for you! It’s big, it’s bright, and it is barmy, so basically everything you would want from a party headband! You can wear this to any party really, but it’ll work great at a kid’s party again, or maybe even for your own birthday night out!

7. Mermaid Headband 

If you’re going to a fancy dress party at any point dressed like a mermaid, then this headband is perfect. You don’t need a full fishtail mermaid costume if you don’t want to – put this on and everybody will know instantly that you’re a princess mermaid. And if there’s anything better than being a princess mermaid, we haven’t found it yet!

8. LED Headband Crowns 

Every little girl want’s to wear a crown at some point. And every little girl would prefer a crown that lit up too, right? Well, if you’re throwing a princess party for your daughter, then these LED headband crowns are the perfect way to put a smile on her face (and all her friend’s faces too)! The LEDs really complete the princess look and it’ll really light up the princess party!

9. Butterfly Antenna Headband 

A butterfly antenna headband like this one isn’t just for the girls or just for the kids! These headbands look amazing no matter your age or gender and they’re really fun to wear. The beauty about them is that they’re jet black, so you can wear them to almost any party and everyone will think you look amazing!

10. Pokemon Pikachu Plush Headband

We couldn’t mention the word Kawaii in the title of this post and not have something from Pokemon, could we? And there isn’t any party headband that’s more instantly recognisable than Pikachu, so this one just makes sense. You can wear it to any dress-up party, Halloween party, or kid’s party and you’ll look great! We warn you though – give this to your kid and you might just catch them sleeping in it for the next few weeks. Really, it’s that good!

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