Party Photo Ideas: An Instant Photo Booth To Keep Those Joyful Memories

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Having a nice party photo is one of the most important parts of any party! Having memories to look back on is really important so we can keep those joyful memories forever. And yes, lots of people choose to do that on their mobile phones, but sometimes a keepsake makes all the difference. Being able to physically hold a photograph transports you back to those happy memories with your loved ones!

It can be a really special gift to give out at the end of a party too, so all of your guests have a copy of that hilarious group photo. So, we’ve put together a list of different products that will help you get those pictures printed straight away. We’ve also got some suggestions at the end for sending away your guests with some party favors so they can take away their photo as they leave. Basically, we’ve got the ultimate guide to saving joyful memories – all you need to do is create them!

How To Create Instant Party Photos

There are lots of creative ways to get your hands on those party photos instantly. But to keep things simple, we’ve put together a list of the very best! You’ll find something to suit every budget below, and all of them will produce high-quality photos too! No matter what you’re throwing a party for, grab some of these instant party photo creators so you don’t have to lose those special memories again!

Instant Film Cameras

We’ve found two instant film cameras by instax for this section, and because we couldn’t decide between the two, we thought we’d just include them both!

Our first offering is the instax mini 11, which we absolutely love. All you need to do is add the film to the camera, and then snap away. The pictures will print at the top of the camera, and it’s a really traditional way of producing photos quickly at events! Think about the old Polaroid cameras, and instax have basically created the modern version for us to use!

Our second option is a little pricier because the quality is a little better, but still it’s perfect for any special event! It works on the same principle as the last one – just load her up with film, gather all your friends and family, and then take the perfect party picture! Once it’s taken, it’ll print the picture automatically and you’ll be able to hold that special memory in your hand straight away!

Digital Cameras (with printing functions)

Digital cameras are another great way to get photos instantly. Just make sure they come with printing functions, otherwise you’ll have to take it to a shop to get them developed etc, and we’re trying to avoid that here! Again, there are two great options and we thought ‘Well, we might as well suggest them both and leave it up to our readers to decide’ – was it a cop out? No! It was us being extra helpful

Remember us mentioning Polaroid before… Well it’s not just instax that have thought about modernizing the instant print camera, because Polaroid has done it too! This Polaroid snap instant digital camera allows you to take the high quality party pictures of a digital camera, and then print it on instant film. It’s the best of both worlds! This one prints at the side of the camera, so it also prints off pictures that are slightly bigger than the instant film cameras too!

Another great option is the Kodak printomatic digital instant print camera. It works on the same principles as the Polaroid option above, but it’s a little cheaper. This is a great option for parties because the prints are actually water and tear resistant. That means you can take the pic, pass it around everybody to make sure they like it (including Uncle Bill on his fourth pint of beer), and it shouldn’t be damaged at all!

Instant Digital Printers (for your phone)

It’s OK if you want to stick with your mobile phone too! In fact, it’s fun to filter the party picture in interesting ways with the latest apps before you print. If you want to do that though, you’ll need an instant digital printer for your phone. You won’t need a wire to print out a party photo either. These two suggestions work on Bluetooth!

The first option is the KODAK smile instant digital printer. It works exactly how you’d think it would – connect it to your phone, find the photo you want to print, and Voila. Brand new instant photo to hand out to all your guests!

The second option works in exactly the same way. This Polaroid zip mobile printer is just like the KODAK offering above, but a little kinder on your wallet. We haven’t looked into the specifics because this isn’t a review website. We simply find the things we have and love for parties, and suggest it to you. So if you care about the different specs etc, compare both before settling on one!

Kid’s Instant Camera

Finally, why don’t we get your kids an instant camera too! It’s always hilarious to look back at the party from their point of view, and putting some photos in your kid’s friend’s party favor bags is a great way to let everybody take memories home with them. This instant print camera for kids is perfect. It looks adorable, it’s easy to use, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover that your child is destined to be a photographer or professional artist! It’s time for them to take some gorgeous party picture now.

Party Favor Ideas

So you’ve created your instant party photo booth and you have your special memories to hand out. Now what? Well, it’s time to pack them into party favors for your guests, of course!

Party Photo Frame

A really fun idea is to hand out some colorful paper party frames for your guests. This pack is bright, and it’ll have a selection of colors appropriate for every one of your guests, no matter their age or preferences! This is fun to pack into all of your guests party favors so they have somewhere special to keep the party pictures!

Instant Camera Accessory Kit

Another great idea is packing up some instant camera accessories. It’s the same idea as the party photo frame, but it just has some whackier and more creative designs! This will look great hung on the wall of your guests’ homes, and it means they can look back on the special memories whenever they like.

Photo Frame For Special Guests

Finally, not every guest is the same. Sometimes you have some VIPs such as grandparents or other family members. For those people, you don’t want to just hand them any old photo frame. As great as the ones above are, they need something special. So why not pick out a beautiful photo frame such as this one so they can keep the instant party photos on their beside table and look at them with fond memories every night! After all, pictures are supposed to be cherished!

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