Polar Bear Birthday Party Ideas: A Special Winter Party Theme For Kids

polar bear birthday party ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you looking for a special birthday party theme for kids in winter? Party ideas like a polar bear birthday party is exactly what our focus today is! 

Polar bears are rare, wild animals in Tundra, and they’re white, fluffy, and adorable. So basically everything kids love! And that’s what makes this theme perfect for winter birthday parties, and we have everything you need right here to throw the perfect polar bear themed birthday party for your little one. Invitations, decorations, games, food, and party favors – we’ve got them all, so stick around to hear all about our polar bear birthday party ideas

Polar Bear Birthday Party Ideas: Party Invitations

Adorable polar bears are the obvious way to go when looking for polar bear party invitations because it tells the guests the theme of the party right away. The polar bear invitation cards we found even have a cute, fluffy polar bear having lovely moments with their family. If that isn’t the most inviting card we’ve ever shared on this blog, we don’t know what is! 

Polar Bear Party Decorations

When selecting polar bear party decorations, we didn’t just focus on polar bears. Sure, they feature heavily throughout, but we also found some amazing scenes to help create a winter wonderland in your own home – a place fit for polar bears and party guests to stay and play together! 

Polar Bear Backdrop 

Using a winter themed polar bear backdrop to create a winter party atmosphere is a great idea. But when that backdrop also has fluffy polar bear cubs playing in the snow. Well, that’s pretty much perfect, right? Hang this polar bear backdrop in the party venue for some great photo opportunities with the kids! 

Alternative Backdrop: Metallic Curtain, Balloons, Polar Bears and Penguins 

Sometimes, one backdrop isn’t enough – or maybe you simply would prefer to make your own. Well, this frozen birthday party decoration set has everything you need for a polar bear party. Metallic blue curtains, blue and white balloons, polar bear balloons, penguin balloons – really everything is all here to create the perfect polar scene for photos! 

Polar Bear Walking Balloons

Balloons fly. Polar bears don’t fly. Ergo, we need our polar bear balloons to do something else. Walk, perhaps? Well, thanks to these polar bear walking balloons, they can now. These are perfect to dot around the venue for kids to play with, and they look adorable with their cute faces and blue scarves around their necks. 

Polar Bear Flag 

We rarely get to use flags for party decorations, so when we saw this cute polar bear flag we just knew we had to include it! It’s got an adorable, stylized polar bear on it and the words ‘Explore More’ written underneath with an arrow pointing towards the party venue. Hang this in your garden to get the guests ready for a brilliant polar adventure!

Polar Bear String Lights

Polar bear string lights are the perfect way to bring bright white lighting into your polar scene. Imagine these behind the dessert table, illuminating the sweet treats below! Alternatively, you can hang them outside your house to let the guests know they’re in the right place for a fun-filled party. 

Snowflake Garland 

We’ve talked a lot about polar bears so far, and we’ve mentioned snow once. To rectify that, we’ve found this amazing snowflake garland to hang at your polar bear party to help exaggerate that winter scene we’re working on. Use this snowflake garland to make it look like snow is falling right there in the party venue. The kids will love it!

Polar Bear 3D Wall Art

Polar bears love to swim, and we’ve not shown that off yet. But with this polar bear 3D wall art, you can do. Put this up on a blank wall in your party venue to make it look like a polar bear is swimming right next to you. When every guest first sees this, they’ll be surprised, and then they’ll fall in love with the adorable scene. 

Polar Bear Birthday Party Ideas: Party Food

There are so many polar bear food options available. Just think about simple food and drink you can make or buy that’s mostly white in color, and you’re already onto a winning idea. But if you want specific guidance, below you’ll find three ideas that will transform your party food table by taking it right to the heart of Tundra!

Cookie Cutters Polar Bear Cookie | polar bear birthday party ideas

Let’s start with a classic cookie. All you need is a polar bear cookie cutter, and you’ve already got an interesting snack the kids will love. You can decorate them really simply with some white icing or fondant, and just a few accents like eyes, nose, mouth – maybe even a sprinkle of edible glitter to make them stand out. You get the idea, and it’s a really simple, delicious treat the kids will enjoy.

Polar Bear Peppermint Creams 

Now, before you run away from this idea, hear us out. We don’t usually include recipes on our blog, but this one for polar bear peppermint creams on BBC Good Food is so simple to do. The whole thing will take you 20 minutes, tops, and you’ll have delicious polar bear treats for everyone. Head here for the full recipe. Trust us, it’ll be worth it to see the looks on the kids’ faces when you bring these sweet treats out!

Birthday Cake

And of course, we can’t forget the birthday cake at a polar bear themed birthday party! The best thing about this is that you can bake the cake however your kid likes it. Chocolate, strawberry, a classic Victoria Sponge. And then just use these polar bear cake toppers to create a fun polar scene on top! It couldn’t be simpler. 

Polar Bear Party Games

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that polar bears like games, especially cubs! And now it’s time to figure out how we’re going to entertain your cub and all their friends at the party! 

Winter Cardboard Playhouse 

This winter north pole cardboard playhouse is perfect for coloring and pretend play, but perhaps the best thing about it isn’t the fact that it’s an north pole house which is the home of polar bear (although that’s great) or the fact that the kids can explore inside (also great) but that the whole thing can be painted and colored in by everyone at the party! How amazing is that? A party activity everyone can join in at the same time and create special memories together! We love it!

Polar Bear Storybook Telling

Talking of activities all the kids can do together, how about reading them a story? ‘The Polar Bears’ Home: A Story About Global Warming’ is a really accessible kids’ book that’s fun and exciting, but also introduces kids to global warming and how it affects the polar bears’ home. Better yet, it even gives tips to kids on how to slow global warming. So not only is the story good, but it does good too. How great is that?

Polar Bear Party Favors

Finding the perfect polar bear party favors was easy enough. You just need little gifts that kids will love, and we have 3 perfect suggestions below. Besides these, you can always pack them a slice of the delicious birthday cake, and maybe even some sweets or chocolates for them to enjoy at home too.

Polar Bear Eraser 

These pastel colored polar bear erasers are perfect for kids because they’re A) useful to have in their pencil cases at home for homework and studying and B) ADORABLE! Just look at them? Even if they never used the eraser in their lives, it’s still a great gift just to have sitting on their desk at home because they look so fun. The different colors mean you can personalize which guest gets which eraser too, which is nice. 

Bear Stacking Point Pencils 

These bear stacking point pencils are so in right now because kids get to change which pencil they want to use because they can stack like five on top of each other and switch them out whenever they choose. The bright colors are fun, the bear shapes are right on trend for our polar bear party, and we know that every kid will love having these to use at home. Perfect!

Plush Mini Joint Bear Toys

These plush mini joint bear toys are just perfect for your polar bear party favors. The white ones look exactly like polar bears, and the beige ones are still adorable and will look great in the guest’s home. Cute, fluffy, cuddly – all words that can describe these mini toys, and the polar bears they’re based on. Be prepared for your guests to leave with a new favorite cuddly toy!

Wrapping Up

All that’s left for us to say is a huge thank you for reading, and if you decide to implement any of our polar bear birthday party ideas, then good luck! We know you can throw an amazing polar bear birthday party for your little one and all their friends that they’ll remember for a lifetime!

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