Rainbow party favors: 12 colorful inexpensive items that kids will surely love

rainbow party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Rainbow birthday parties are always fun! You will see loads of bold and bright colors at these parties which makes the event even more cheerful, delightful, and interesting. Plus, rainbow parties provide you endless possibilities to play around with your imaginations. Well, you can possibly create plenty of combinations and loads of possibilities simply by using rich rainbow colors. To make the party atmosphere more engaging, we have come up with rainbow special goody bag fillers. For example, we are going to reveal 12 amazing and colorful rainbow party favors that guests and kids will love to receive at a wonderful rainbow-themed birthday party. 

So, get ready to delight your esteemed guests with these rainbow birthday party favor ideas. You can now know more about twelve rainbow themed birthday party favors in the following sections.

1) Pearl Jewelry Set for Girls

Who does not love the jewelry sets? And, when it features a stunning combination of rainbow pearls, then it becomes even more attractive and beautiful. Every girl can wear this lovely piece and flaunt a fabulous look! Note, the rainbow jewelry set is made of high-quality resin material, both sturdy and durable. The entire set consists of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and finger ring, all in matching rainbow patterns!

2) Rainbow Lollipop

All kids love lollipops and we have no doubt about it! That’s why we have presented a rainbow theme lollipop that is very cute and appealing. Not only do these lollipops feature stunning colors, but also they have delicious flavors too. Each pack comes with four such lollipop rainbow party favors.

3) Mini Watercolor Kids Paint Set

Are you looking for rainbow themed party favors for kids? If yes, then your search now ends here! This product is all about rainbow themed kids’ watercolor paint kits which include a palette tray, watercolor paints, painting brush. These mini watercolor kits are great for kids who love to make unique paintings. The paint tray colors include all nice and bright colors like yellow, green, orange, red, and blue. Note, you will get twenty-four pieces of watercolor kids in every pack.

4) Rainbow mini bubble wand

For budget-friendly and useful rainbow birthday party favor ideas, this product is also a great option. In each pack, you will get a total set of 28 kids’ bubble wands in rainbow colors like blue, yellow, green, pink, red, purple, and orange. Rest assured that these wands are made of high-quality material and comfortable on kids’ delicate skin.

5) Rainbow bouncy ball

Rainbow bouncy balls are the best and most eye-catching party favor items for all kids. Made of a rubbery material, these balls are extremely bouncy. Kids can have hours of fun and excitement with these good-quality and good-looking rainbow balls. In every set, twelve rainbow balls are available in eye-catching shades of blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink.

6) Rainbow inflatable beach ball

Kids, teens, and adults – everyone love beach balls! These colorful beach balls can be inflated and deflated whenever you want. They come with a standard 12v air compressor as well as a hand pump. These round beach balls are very bright and colorful. They feature a color combination of yellow, orange, red, green, white, and blue. Note, these balls are made of non-toxic, vinyl material, and safe for kids. You’ll receive twelve multicolor beach balls in each pack.

7) Rainbow Diamond Stylus Pen

If you are searching for chic, stylish, and useful party favors for kids, then these stylus pens are indeed a perfect choice. They feature a colorful and eye-catching appearance. These rainbow diamond stylus pens are elegant too! These quality ballpoint pens come with black ink and twist-action for easy usage! The rainbow themed pens feature a smooth and long-lasting ink flow, replaceable refilling, and sturdy aluminum construction.

8) Reusable drinking plastic straw

Let your kids sip their favorite drinks with the help of these reusable rainbow plastic straws. Each pack includes twenty-five plastic straws and two cleaning brushes. Kids of all ages can use these reusable straws. These drinking straws have 5 different color options. They are super cute, reusable, and feature a bright and bold design with cute rainbows, along with a white cloud. Considering the safety of kids, these straws are made of high-quality materials and are safe to use.

9) Stackable crayons

Kids can use these stackable rainbow crayons for crafting wonderful drawing patterns. Each crayon is having ten shades of stunning colors including red, orange, dark blue, sky blue, yellow, dark green, magenta, black, purple, and brown. Starting from coloring and drawing to making artistic expressions, these stackable crayons will be very much useful for all kids. Note, you’ll get fifteen pieces of crayons in every set.

10) Rainbow spring toy

Rainbow spring toys are definitely one of the best party favors for rainbow party. The best feature of these toys is that they come in different styles and shapes like Star, Butterfly, Circle, Heart, and more! Of course, these tiny and cute toys are budget-friendly. Plus, their design is so much attractive that every kid is going to love these spring toys for sure!

11) Rainbow airplane toy

Rainbow airplane toys are not only beautiful, but they are also the best educational toys for all kids alike. These toys will help kids garner the knowledge of flying gliders, stimulate interest, boost observation skills and sense of direction, and even develop many other practical skills. They are also quite durable, made of high-quality foam material, soft to touch, easy to assemble, and safe to play. The set includes 24 pieces of colorful rainbow airplane toys.

12) Rainbow fidget toy

For delightful and interesting rainbow birthday party favor ideas, you can also consider this fidget toy as a good option. They are available in four shapes including circle, square, octagon, and heart. Every shape has a rainbow color. These fidget poppers are ready to create a satisfying popping sound that soothes your ears surely! Plus, their soft silicone texture is easy to touch. They can further relax your body and mind, reduce both stress and anxiety.

To make the rainbow parties more engaging and memorable for the lovely little kid guests, we have already come up with twelve unique and exclusive party favors. All these items are absolutely suitable for rainbow themed birthday party favors. Kids will certainly love these amazing pieces.

Starting from toys and watercolor sets to jewelry and lollipops, everything is covered in our list of twelve colorful yet inexpensive rainbow party favors. They are available at a reasonable price too!

So, go ahead and grab your pick right away!

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