Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Ideas: Bring Colors And Hope to Kids

rainbow theme birthday party, Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Ideas: Bring Colors And Hope to Kids

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Choosing a birthday party theme for your kids doesn’t need to be difficult. They only care about their party being 3 things: bright, fun, and colorful. And do you know what covers all those bases perfectly? A rainbow, of course! A rainbow theme birthday party has something for everyone, because no matter what, every kid’s favorite color is going to be featured somewhere in the decorations. So, today we’ll take you through some ideas that’ll help you throw the most colourful and fun birthday party for your kid yet! Ready to get started? Then come with us to open your heart to a world of colour, hope, and a whole lot of fun! 

What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of The Rainbow? 

A rainbow is the perfect party theme for a few reasons, and you can choose the symbolic reason that means the most to you. The obvious one is that a rainbow only ever appears after bad weather, when the sun shines through the rain again. So naturally, a rainbow is always associated with hope. 

A double rainbow is often seen as a symbol of good luck too! And just imagine, at your rainbow themed party you’re going to have A LOT of rainbows… We’re not sure what 20 rainbows mean, but if a double rainbow is good luck, then 20 might mean you want to check your lottery numbers this week! 

And finally, if you’re a religious person, then rainbows are often seen as a bridge between this world and the world of the Gods. So, pick one of the many reasons for throwing a rainbow theme birthday party, and get ready for the party of the season!

How To Throw The Perfect Rainbow Theme Birthday Party?

Now, on to the reason you’re all here – our fabulous rainbow party ideas! And of course, we have to kick it all off with an invitation as always, followed by party decorations, party games and rainbow themed party food and party favors! 

1. Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Invitations

Just as a rainbow can be seen as a bridge between our world and the Gods, a rainbow invitation can be seen as a bridge between your guest’s home and the party venue. Not quite as symbolic, sure, but it works. And even if the guests don’t understand that symbolism, they’ll certainly understand that the bright rainbow on the front of the invitation is just a small slice of all the bright colours and fun that’s to come when the big day finally arrives! 

2. Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Decorations 

There are so many obvious routes you can take when decorating a rainbow theme party, and that’s a great thing. It means anybody can do it successfully. But, us being us, we couldn’t just stick to the obvious… Yes, you’ll see some things you might expect, but you’ll also see some decoration options we’re sure you haven’t thought of yet! 

Welcome Your Guests With Your Very Own Rainbow!

The very first thing you’ll need to impress your guests is a rainbow balloon garland. It’s a really simple, but stunning way of reminding your guests of the theme, and it’ll also brighten up the party venue with little effort! We’re all about maximum rewards with minimum effort on this blog, so a rainbow balloon garland is a great way to make an impact without stress! It’s a win-win!

Prep A Rainbow Photo Booth

Next up is a rainbow photo booth that only requires a few rainbow party decorations to create. Start with a simple rainbow paper streamer with colorful balloons to create a backdrop for all your photos! Bonus points if you tell your guests to come in rainbow colors too, to make the photos in front of this rainbow backdrop really pop.

Pastel Hanging Streamer 

Hanging streamers help create amazing backdrops at parties for a fraction of the price of an actual backdrop. Naturally, when we saw this pastel hanging streamer in all its beautiful pastel rainbow colours, we had to suggest it. Simply put a string in the party room and hang the streamer from it, creating the perfect bright backdrop for pictures on the special day! 

Giant Foil Balloons 

Of course, you can’t just have the rainbow balloon arch and be done with it. It’s your kids’ birthday and the more balloons, the better! Giant foil balloons are a great option, and these have a gradient rainbow design. This is a great way to break up the block colour bright balloons in the balloon arch. Yes, these balloons are a little more subtle in their colouring, but it adds a nice balance to the venue. And besides, they’re called giant foil balloons for a reason, so whilst they’re a little subtler in colour, they’re certainly not in size!

Invite Your Guests Into A Colorful Future

Now, we’re talking a lot about colorful futures today because that’s exactly what rainbows represent, but they’re also exactly what we wish your children to have. What better way is there to show this at a kids’ birthday party than with a rainbow door curtain? It’s like you’re welcoming your little one and all your guests into the colorful future already, which it certainly will be with all the bright rainbows decorating the party venue!

Add Some Colorful Rainbow Light

You can add all the beautiful party decorations you want, but they won’t mean a thing without the proper lighting to show them off. Well, at a rainbow party we’re firm believers that too much color isn’t enough color, so we’re adding rainbows on top of rainbows with these amazing rainbow neon lights! They’re perfect because they’ll catch everyone’s attention the moment they see them, and there’s no denying how cute they are! After the party’s over, you can keep it as a night light for your kid’s bedroom too, so you get to use them again and again!

A Colorful Future Doesn’t Mean We Should Forget Our Bright Past

One thing that’s really special at a kid’s birthday party is being able to see how far they’ve come. It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st birthday or your 101st, seeing a life well lived and remembering the happy memories along the way is important. Well, let’s show off your kids’ bright past and happy memories by using a rainbow color paper frame to showcase your kid at every stage of life. The best part is, these paper frames are inexpensive, but look adorable and they’ll add a really touching, sentimental element to an otherwise wild party color-fest! Yes, we can do sentimental around here too, you know? It isn’t all wild parties all of the time!

No Rainbow Outside? No Problem!

Our next suggestion is perfect if you’re throwing your kid’s rainbow party outdoors, or at least part of it outdoors anyway. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a rainbow in sight (in fact, it’s probably a good thing if you’re having an outdoor party – we’d hate for stormy weather to ruin your day), because you can bring the rainbow to you! A rainbow inflatable is a good way to decorate your outdoor space, and because they’re not expensive, you can dot a few around your garden to really brighten up the place.

Bring The Rainbow Closer To Home With Simple Rainbow Lanterns

This is another great way to bring the rainbow to you: rainbow lanterns! They have the benefit of adding some more light to your space, which is always welcome, but then they add even more colour, and at a rainbow party, you always need more colour! This is a really beautiful decoration idea, and it just adds a little class to the event too! That’s right, we know how to do classy too! We do it all on this blog.

Rainbow Paper Fans, Pom Poms, and Flower Honeycomb Balls 

Rainbow paper fans, pom poms, and flower honeycomb balls sound like a party planner’s dream shopping list, right? And we won’t lie to you, it kinda is… You see, they’re perfect for most parties, but they’re great for a rainbow theme party because they add even more colour to the venue, whilst also offering something unique to admire.

Don’t Forget Your Tableware

No rainbow party decorations list could be complete without some rainbow birthday party tableware, right? Well, we think you should definitely bring the party theme to your table too. It’ll add more color, get the kids interested in taking time away from all the fun they’re having to actually sit down and eat, and it’s just a really cute way to serve the food so it looks great. It might only be a minor detail, but rainbow tableware can make a BIG difference!

3. Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Food 

It’s your kids’ birthday party, and you know them best, so we’re not here to tell you what to serve, just how to serve it! You already know by now that the way you serve food is just as important as what you serve, so you worry about the menu, and we’ll cover the presentation. 

Rainbow Donut Wall 

rainbow theme birthday party, Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Ideas: Bring Colors And Hope to Kids

Now, we know we said we’re not telling you what to serve, but come on, you have to have donuts at a party, right? So make sure you serve them in style with an amazing rainbow donut wall. If you saw our recent post about ‘Yummy Donut Theme Party Ideas’, then you’ll know why we’re huge fans of the donut wall. It presents your donuts well, whilst also being a beautiful decoration on the party table. Win-win! 

Rainbow Food Picks 

rainbow theme birthday party

Whatever finger food you serve is up to you, but a really lovely way of decorating them is with some rainbow umbrella food picks. They add a lot of colour to the party table whilst also being practical for choosing food from the platter. These brightly coloured umbrella food picks will really add an extra spark of rainbow magic to your table.

Top Things Off With A Rainbow Cake Topper

We couldn’t throw a rainbow theme birthday party without suggesting a rainbow cake topper to help decorate that all-important birthday cake! This pack has everything you need, from a rainbow bunting happy birthday sign, all the way to a rainbow, clouds, and colourful balloons. So it basically has everything to make the birthday cake as special as it can be. 

Rainbow Inspired Mocktails 

We’ve already done a complete post on our blog about rainbow inspired mocktails which you can find in our ‘7 Best Colourful And Fun Mocktail Recipes For Kids Parties’ post for all the amazing recipes you need. Needless to say, this is the perfect way to serve delicious drinks at a kid’s birthday party, and it fits today’s theme perfectly!

Rainbow Table Skirt

Finally, don’t forget to treat the table itself to a little glam makeover! A rainbow table skirt just makes the table look really great, and the bright colours ought to be enough to take the kids’ attention away from all the fun games they’ll be playing to actually remember to take a break and eat. And talking of fun games…

4. Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Activities And Games

Yes, we’ve even managed to find rainbow party activities and games, because we leave no stone upturned on this blog! And here are our 4 favorites that will be a great addition to your rainbow theme birthday party! 

Bring Out The Rainbow Pinata As A Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Game

You’re going to need a party game to keep all the kids entertained, right? And there’s no better way to do that than with a pinata and a big stick that the kids can use to bash it to release a bunch of goodies! A rainbow pinata adds a lot of color to the event, and a whole lot of fun as a party game too! This is one of our must-haves on today’s rainbow party decorations list!

Rainbow Scratch Art For Kids 

rainbow theme birthday party

We’re adults, and frankly, we thought rainbow scratch art for kids was magic when we first discovered it. As such, we’re struggling to explain it in any way that doesn’t make it sound like Harry Potter himself created it, but we’ll give it a shot.

Basically, every child will get a black matte card. By scratching it using the scratchers provided, you reveal multi-coloured rainbow-inspired art beneath it. The pack comes with stencils so kids can create artwork, or they can free hand it with the scratcher to create bright rainbow designs of their own. Trust us, if it can convince us it’s magic, then every kid will love this one!

Rainbow Sand Painting 

Another arty one now, is rainbow sand painting. This one’s a little easier to wrap our heads around, but just as fun. The set comes with lots of original designs. Those designs are made up of a sticky paper. All you need to do is peel back the design, and carefully spread the different coloured sands over the sticky paper to create bright and beautiful art. It’s straightforward, but every kid will love choosing their colours and making their art extra special.

Rainbow Pop It Game Competition

Let’s finish on a game everyone loves, because everybody knows rainbow pop it, right? No? Alright then, well, it’s easy enough! It’s a game for two players. Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice and pop the number of poppers on their side down. Then the next player goes. You repeat this as rapidly as you can (for the most fun) until one player has no poppers left to pop! That player is the winner! Now, it may only be for two players, but this game can be turned into a fast-paced competition between the party guests for maximum fun! 

We can’t beat pop it, so this seems a great place to finish. Just remember, rainbows are all about bright, colourful fun, and these party ideas have all that in spades! And remember to take the time to enjoy the party too once all the prep is out of the way – you’ve earned it! 

5. Rainbow Themed Birthday Goodie Bag

Finally, add some foil rainbow balloons to round off an already incredible party! You can add them to your venue for some additional decoration, but it’s always a good idea to add something into the party favors that means your guests can take your party away with them. These rainbow balloons would be an excellent thing to add to the favor bags to do exactly that! What’s better than attending a rainbow party? Taking a rainbow home with you, of course! If you are looking for further ideas about rainbow theme birthday party favors ideas, you may read our another post ‘Rainbow party favors: 12 colorful inexpensive items that kids will surely love

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