Shark Themed Birthday Party: An Amazing Oceanic Experience For Girls And Boys

shark themed birthday party, Shark Themed Birthday Party: An Amazing Oceanic Experience For Girls And Boys

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

A shark themed birthday party is a great idea for both boys and girls. Why? Well, sharks are smart and strong, and whenever we see sharks, we’re reminded of adventure, excitement, and fun – even if they can be a little scary. Which brings us to our next point: kids LOVE sharks, but when you’re choosing your shark themed party decorations, you need to think about which ones you’re selecting.

Cute, stylized, baby sharks, or shark families are the best designs to choose because they aren’t scary for younger kids, and they still look like an adventure waiting to happen, which is exactly the mood you should try to create at a birthday party for kids. In this article, we’ll guide you through it all though – invitations, decorations, games, food, and party bags, so you can create an oceanic experience with your shark themed party like never before! 

Shark Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Rather than using a party invitation card with sharks all over them, why not use a shark? That’s right, a shark themed invitation like this one is perfect because it’s shaped like a shark, it has a stylized, mischievous looking shark on the front, and it’s a simple invitation card that gets the theme across to your guests with all the information they need stylishly and quickly. What’s not to love?

Shark Themed Birthday Party Decorations To Create An Ocean World With Sharks And Friends

Yes, sharks should be the star attraction at a shark themed birthday party, but that doesn’t mean it should be all about them. So, as well as some amazing, cute, and stylish shark themed birthday party decorations, you can expect to see a bunch of other sea creatures in our decorations below so you can create an authentic underwater world for the birthday boy/girl and all their guests to enjoy. 

Cartoon Shark Doo Doo Doo Backdrop 

Parents, we apologize. The kids will run around singing Baby Shark and ‘Happy Birthday, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo’ after seeing this party backdrop, but come on. You didn’t really think we’d be able to talk about a shark themed birthday party without mentioning that song at least once, did you? Besides, this colorful, cute shark family backdrop is the perfect way to set the scene for the party. 

Shark Balloons and Blue Streamers 

Whenever you’re putting shark balloons in a party venue for kids, opting for baby shark family balloons is always your best bet because they’re so cute and don’t look scary or dangerous at all. Whilst the baby shark family balloons bring the fun, you might also wish to hang blue streamers around the party venue too, to help create an ocean world that feels authentic for the kids. 

Balloon Arch With Foil Balloons

A great alternative to the shark balloon option above is to use foil balloons of different sea creatures, such as an octopus, shark, dolphin, fish, or seahorse, to arrange into a fancy underwater balloon arch the kids will all love. This is perfect for older kids who might not be such a huge fan of baby shark being at their birthday party, but who still want fun balloons everyone can admire.

 Shark Fin Neon Sign

We always say how important lighting is at a venue, and neon lights are some of the most fun lighting available. Better yet, they seem to have neon lights in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes – and this shark fin neon sign is just one great example. Place this neon sign near the entrance at your party venue, and it’ll get the kids ready for an ocean adventure the moment they arrive! 

Cute Shark Shaped LED String Lights 

A great way to add some lighting near the dessert table is with these amazing shark shaped LED string lights. Hang these behind the dessert table to make it look like a bunch of adorable, hungry sharks have arrived for feeding time – which, of course, is exactly what the party guests will be doing too when they arrive for snacks. These lights are adorable, fun, and functional!

Shark Themed Birthday Party Photo Banner 

This shark theme happy birthday photo banner is the perfect piece of party decor for a 1st birthday party, but it is, of course, applicable to any age when you want to show off how far your child has come. Just fill the photo banner with pictures of the birthday boy/girl and show off their journey to the guests – and thanks to the theme of this photo banner, you can do it shark style! 

Baby High Chair Ribbon Banner

Another decoration that’s especially well suited to a 1st birthday party is this beautiful high chair ribbon banner to hang around the front of your child’s high chair on their big day. It features a shark (of course), and some fun nautical themed colors that are perfect for boys and girls, so you can use this ribbon banner for anybody. Just imagine the adorable pictures you can take of your child with this banner around their chair! 

 Pirate Shark Foil Balloon

If you really must have a giant shark balloon at the party, then that’s a great idea, but you have to be careful. Remember, you’re looking for cute and fun, not scary and dangerous. Basically, we’re trying to avoid creating a ‘Jaws themed party’ here by mistake. But don’t worry, this pirate shark foil balloon is perfect. It’s hilarious, cute, and definitely screams adventure. All the fun, and none of the fear!

Shark Themed Birthday Party Games And Fun

What else could we need at a shark themed party? Oh yes! Shark themed party games and other fun activities. And don’t worry, you don’t need to make up any games yourselves, because we have all the suggestions you could need right here.

Shark Bean Bag Toss Game 

This shark bean bag toss game is perfect for some outdoor fun in the garden. Kids line up and take it in turns to throw the bean bags through the different holes on the shark bean bag toss game banner. Each hole is worth a different amount of points, but of course, you get the maximum amount of points (5) when you throw them through the shark’s open mouth! This game is fun and every kid will love it, we just know it! 

Pin The Fin On The Shark Game 

This pin the fin on the shark game is the ultimate party game. Ever played pin the tail on the donkey? Then you already know how fun this one will be. There are 24 fins in a pack, so everybody gets a turn at your party, and kids basically take it in turns to wear the blindfold and attempt to pin the fin on the shark. This one will have all the kids laughing as they see the funny places the fins end up! 

Shark Biting Finger Game 

We also love this shark biting finger game. This is like pop up pirate in design, if you’ve ever played that. Basically, children all take it in turns to press down one of the shark’s teeth. Every game, the teeth are randomized, and one of them is the trigger that will make the shark bite. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly harmless, but it sure is exciting when you’re waiting to see who will press the wrong tooth and end up being bitten by the shark! There will be laughter, screams of joy, and plenty of fun when you use this shark game! 

Shark Theme Party Food Ideas

When it comes to shark theme party food, you really can have fun with it. Fish fingers, fish and chips, fish burgers – you can take this route if you want to (and we do have an idea below that fits into this plan). But you can also think outside the box a little, so check out these 3 ideas for some party food inspiration. 

Shark Theme Party Drinks: Ocean Blue Goblet Mocktails For Kids 

Check out our 7 Best Colourful And Fun Mocktail Recipes For Kids post for specific details of our Ocean Blue Goblet mocktail, because this is the perfect drink to serve at a shark themed birthday party for kids. It’s like having your very own underwater world in your glass. And to decorate, why not use a shark paper straw to make it even more exciting?


Cupcakes are another great idea because they show up at every party. But to make a cupcake shark themed, you need something fun to make it stand out. And that’s where these great white shark fin toppers come in. Use some blue frosting or icing to decorate the tops of your cupcakes, and you can make it look like sharks swimming through water! How fun is that?

Salmon and Dill Burgers

And finally, why not try something a little more sophisticated to get the kids trying new things. You can check out a full recipe at BBC Food here, but these salmon and dill burgers are delicious and look great, all whilst fitting the theme. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can also use a shark fin food pick to decorate the top and make them look extra special!

Shark Themed Birthday Party Favors

By the end of the party, everybody wants something special to take away with them, and these shark themed goodie bags are stuffed with amazing shark themed party favors for kids that we just know they’ll love and cherish for years to come. 

Shark Temporary Tattoo 

Boys, girls, men, women – EVERYBODY would love to get their hands on these shark temporary tattoos, and the kids will have so much fun putting them on and showing them off to their friends. Trust us, these are the sort of party favors that kids remember because they’re such a great gift idea.

Shark Party Wristband 

These shark party wristbands are also great. The sharks swimming around the wristband are the perfect thing for kids to wear to remember what a great time they had at your shark themed party. This is the sort of gift you find in a box years later and remember the party you got it at and smile. That’s right, this wristband will stay with them for a very long time.

Baby Shark Stampers 

Baby shark stampers are great for kids of any age, because whilst the mini figures are all adorable, it’s the arts and crafts potential that makes these stampers so much fun for kids. They can create cool pictures by using their stampers and drawing an underwater scene to remember the big day!

Shark Themed Birthday Party Goodie Bag

But we seem to be forgetting something? Oh yes! The goodie bag itself, of course! Use these shark goodie bags to wrap up all your shark themed party favors for the kids to enjoy. After a fun-filled shark adventure, all the kids will be happy swimming away with these goodie bags to explore back home!

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