Sheep Themed Party Ideas to Celebrate Kid’s Birthday

sheep themed birthday party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

When we walk by the farm, we always hear ‘baa~ baa~,’ and you know there are some sheep nearby. Kids are always excited by sheep, and you will see them waving their hands and saying, ” Oh So Cute.” While thinking about a birthday party theme for kids, the sheep theme may be refreshing and fun for the kids. Invite friends to celebrate your kids’ birthday colored by a sheep theme to make the event stunning. This article will talk about Sheep Themed Party Ideas, from Invitations, decorations, games to party favors.

There is nothing as thrilling as sheep themed party for your kid’s birthday party. They will be delighted even to share the news with their friends. However, organizing such a birthday party is not easy, especially if you do not know what goes into the party. Follow along to discover how you can make this event a success and fulfill the wishes of your kid.

Sheep Themed Party Ideas: Invitation

After you are sure when the sheep themed party will happen, you can now start inviting friends to grace the occasion. Look into your budget to determine the number of kids to invite. You do not want to have a small number or excess guests such that your food or snacks are not enough. Make sure you invite the closest friends to your kid as they are more likely to show up than others.

Sheep Themed Birthday Party Guest List

It is also crucial to invite the nearby kids. It is an advantage if the party goes on up to late hours. You will escort each and every kid personally to their home and ensure you communicate with their parent. As for the kids from far, you can plan for a sleepover as they enjoy more time together with your kids. 

Sheep Themed Birthday Party Invitation Card

The invitations do not have to be verbal. Consider sending farm animals-themed invitation cards to the friends to make the sheep-themed party spicy. Make it known to them that the party’s theme is sheep theme. They should put on according to the theme as they grace the birthday party. It will also be wise if they bear presents that resemble the party’s theme.

Let the friends know that the sheep theme does not revolve around the sheep alone. Other farm animals will also rock the event, such as cows and goats, to make it spicy and colorful. These farm animal invitation cards are ideal for such a party.

Sheep Themed Party Ideas: Decorations

How do you ensure you are fully prepared with the right decorations for the sheep themed event? Here are a few ornaments that will add glamor to your kid’s birthday.

Sheep balloon

These are sheep shaped balloons to make the event appear glamorous. No birthday party would be complete without balloons. Dot the party with these cute balloons. They are intricate balloons that do not easily deflate or burst. Once you purchase a package, you will receive four sheep balloons. They are tough balloons since they are made of aluminum and do not require extra knots.

Sheep mini hanging décor

You could also hang a mini hanging chalkboard sign at the door is a wonderful sheep themed party decoration. It will usher in the visitors and guests, letting them know that the day’s theme is sheep. The chalkboard is also great since you can have writings on it like “Calvin turns five,” or something of the sort.

White tissue pom poms

These are another ideal decoration lot for the sheep themed birthday party. They measure about 12 inches in diameter, and they come already pre-cut. Use the paper tissue pom pom as décor for the lamb party by hanging them on walls, or a tree or in the ceiling.

Sheep walking balloon

Grace the birthday party with this fascinating party décor. The Sheep walking balloons will excite the kids, playing around with them. The best part with these balloons is that they do not require extra knots and can be used on several occasions. They come with a creative and attractive design.

Farm animals banner

Farm animal banners can also add color and glamor to the sheep themed birthday party. Hang the banners across the room bearing different farm animals such as pigs, donkeys, sheep, cows, and goats. The banners are wear-resistant and eco-friendly.

Sheep Themed Party Table Decorations

Table decorations will also make the party seem livelier. Consider looking for sheep themed table decorations to grace the event.

Place sheep cardholders on the tables with blank cards. Prepare color pens and then write down a cute message to the birthday individual. You could also have their friends jolt down some heart-warming messages to the kid.

Cute sheep theme tableware kit

The sheep themed tableware kit is another brilliant idea to make the party lively. The tableware kit includes 16 paper plates, 16 9oz paper cups, and 16 napkins. The kit has sheep decorations which will ultimately excite the kids. This kit is made of paper, which is eco-friendly and easily disposable. 

Cartoon sheep table cloth

It is the perfect round table cloth for the sheep themed party. The table cloth is made of water-resistant quality material, is easy to clean, and is quite durable. These table cloths also come with stunning sheep patterns, making the table appear unique. You can easily wipe any spills on the table using a towel or napkin. 

Sheep Themed Party Food

Since this is a sheep themed birthday party, how about you make sheep themed food too. It will be more fun and laughter all-party long. 

Cotton machine for cotton candy

Children love candy, so it is only fair to make cotton candy for the kids even as the baby lamb party carries on. The shape of cotton candy looks like sheep so much and kids are gonna to love it. Source for the Cotton Candy Machine to cotton candy for the guests.

Sheep Baa Cupcake Toppers

Decorate the kid’s cupcakes with this fantastic unit. The black glitter sheep baa cupcake toppers are among the best party supplies you could ever get. It will highlight the event by adding stunning toppers on the cupcakes and bringing all the fun to the kids. The good thing about these toppers is that you can use them for several events or birthday parties.

Cute sheep figure cake topper

You could also consider these sheep figure cake toppers for decorating the birthday cakes. You already know kids love cakes and since the theme of the day is sheep them, add this cake topper to your list. It can be used as a party favor, cake topper, or even a gift. It has a stunning design and comes with five sheep figurine pieces.

Sheep themed party games

No party is complete without games, especially when kids are involved. As you organize the sheep themed party, make sure you slot in some time for sheep themed games. The Baa Baa Bubbles Blasting game is one of the impressive games you can play at a party. Here players have to feed Bubbles the sheep with meadow tiles.

Her wool is made of real bubbles, and they grow as you continue feeding the sheep. However, players are supposed to ensure the sheep do not sneeze. If the sheep sneezes, all the bubbly wool will disappear, and you lose. Keep feeding Bubbles until you have the most meadow tiles for you to win the round.

Storybook reading

Betsy Red Hoodie

It is nice to have parents prepare an exciting story to read to the kids related to sheep. They could find a beautiful book such as Betsy Red Hoodie to read to the kids. In the book, Betsy can now bring her Grandma some cupcakes all by herself. She takes the cupcakes in the company of her sheep. 

Her Grandma does not love wolves, but Betsy has Zimmo, her best friend, and brings her along too. Read the book to the kids to find out what happened between Zimmo the wolf and Betsy’s Grandma.

Sheep Themed Party Favors

Before the end of the party, it is nice to prepare a sheep themed goodie bag filled with lovely party flavors. Kids can take the gifts home with smiles on their faces. 

Plush Sheep Ears Headband

These cute and energetic sheep ears headbands are great for gifting children as they leave the party. They are stunning horned ear decorations that look energetic and marvelous. Kids can put them on as they wash their faces or use them as a facial mask. They are also great since they are adjustable and elastic.

Sheep pencil

Since this is a sheep themed party, ensure the gifts bear some kind of sheep. Sheep pencil is another fascinating gift you can give the kids as they leave. Gift the kids HB pencils with rubber-bearing sheep on their cover. It is an excellent gift since it also comes with a rubber on the other end. 

Take Away

Sheep themed birthday parties should not be hard to organize. Ensure you have all the protocol and everything that needs to be done at what time to make it a success. Follow this guide to have a colorful and full of glamor birthday party for your kid. 

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