Stag Do Accessories: 10 Must-Have items for Your Final Night Of Freedom

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Getting married is the most exciting time of your life! But there’s always been a running joke that a stag do is your last night of freedom before you have to settle down and become a serious adult man. Yawn! But, if you’re throwing a stag do, then you need to make sure it’s the most memorable night with your best men. Hence, we’ve put together a list of 10 must-have stag party accessories to make you and all the men attending laugh. Wear any of these stag party props and accessories, and we guarantee you’ll have a hilarious night whether you’re out on the town or having a quiet one at home with the boys! 

1. Game Over Apron 

This ‘Game Over’ apron is the perfect accessory to wear to a stag do or bachelor party because it’s hilarious to look at! Everything from the smiling bride to the frowning husband on the front will make everybody laugh. This one is especially funny if you’re heading out on the town, because so many already married men will make hilarious comments about your loss of freedom as you walk by!

2. Game Over Mesh Cap 

If the apron is a little too much, then a subtler (but still equally as funny) nod to your new loss of freedom is the ‘Game Over’ cap. Again, one look at the image and everybody who sees you will know it’s your stag do. This is great for two reasons: 1) hilarious comments from others, and 2) lots and lots of free beer! 

3. Bachelor Party Tie 

Sometimes a bachelor party is destined to be one of your wilder nights out, and if that’s the case, then this bachelor party tie is perfect! Nobody will take the message seriously (but hey, you never you know your luck) but it’ll definitely bring a smile to everybody’s faces. Just maybe keep this stag do accessory hidden from the bride to be. You don’t want to be sleeping on the sofa on your first night of marriage…

4. Stag Party Hat And Veil 

This is another hilarious one! If you’re the best man and you’re currently sitting down to plan the groom’s stag do, then make him wear this when you arrive – just be sure not to warn him beforehand so you can capture his forced smile and the broken look in his eyes! The design of this one is even funnier if the rest of the best men are still single, because they haven’t lost their freedom just yet, and that’s always fun to rub in!

5. Stag Sash 

Want everybody to know who wears the trousers in your new marriage? Then this stag do sash is perfect! “She said no strippers” tells everybody who sees you exactly what they need to know – your future wife is in charge now, and it’s time for you to just fall in line for the rest of your life! Good luck with that!

6. Gold King Crown 

Maybe getting married doesn’t feel like you’re losing your freedom. Maybe you feel like you’ve finally conquered adult life and you’re going to be a respectable, mature husband from now on. Well, if that’s the case, then you should wear this inflatable gold king’s crown to let everybody know that you’re succeeding at life. Or, you know, just because it’s funny to wear a big inflatable crown on your head and you’ve not matured at all – but don’t worry, you don’t have to tell your future wife which reason it is!

7. Stag do accessory – Inflatable Ball And Chain 

It’s time to admit it. Your bride to be is well and truly calling the shots now, and any hope you once had of ruling your own life is done. It’s time to admit that the old ball and chain is in charge, so you might as well let everybody else know it too with, well, a ball and chain. This inflatable stag do accessoryis hilarious to put on for your stag do, and even if you wear nothing else on this list, we bet everybody who sees you will know you’re about to be married.

8. Groom To Be Sunglasses 

If you just want everybody to know that you’re on your stag do, pick up these sunglasses. You can wear the groom one, your best man the best man one, and the rest of your friends the groomsman ones. This will let everybody know you’re out on your stag do, but it serves another purpose too. So drunk you can’t find any of your friends? Just point at your face and ask if anybody has seen somebody that looks like you!

9. Groom To Be Socks 

There’s an old saying, “Keep calm and carry on” for situations where you could be a little stressed, but all you need to do is take a breath and relax a little. Unfortunately, this saying doesn’t apply to a groom on his stag do, because there’s probably nothing more nerve-wracking than knowing you’ll be getting married in front of a whole crowd of people very soon. But why not embrace that nervousness with these groom to be socks? Most men who see them will understand exactly what you’re feeling!

10. Groom Underwear

Finally, we arrive at groom underwear. Now, there’s no point buying underwear with ‘Groom’ on just for you. Oh no, you’re going to have to share these with everybody. So, pick out your outfit, and then slip these on top of your trousers. Everybody who sees you will know it’s your stag do (otherwise, frankly, you’d have to be a little insane to just wear these on a typical Tuesday for the hell of it), and we’re sure you’ll get a few free drinks for the trouble! This is one of my favorite stag do accessories.

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