Strawberry Themed Party: A ‘Berry’ Sweet Idea

strawberry themed party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Strawberries are sweet and beautiful, and they’re the perfect treat from summer to early autumn when they’re at their best for harvesting. A strawberry themed party is perfect for summer and it’s suitable for anything from a baby shower to a bachelorette party, or a kid’s birthday party to your baby’s first birthday! In this article, we’ll take you through some amazing ideas to help you host a berry sweet strawberry themed birthday party at home!

Strawberry Themed Party Invitation

The very first thing you’ll need to do is pick up some cute strawberry themed party invitations to send to your guests to let them know the theme. It’s also a great idea to let them know how old your little one is turning, too. It saves any awkwardness if they’ve forgotten, or got mixed up somewhere along the way! 

Strawberry Themed Party Decorations

Now that the invitations are taken care of, it’s time to think about the decorations for the big day, so you can create a strawberry themed party to remember! Here are 10 great ideas:

Tissue Paper Strawberry Honeycomb Ball 

We love making an impact at the start of a party, and these tissue paper strawberry honeycomb balls definitely do that! Hang this from the ceiling in the middle of the party venue and we just know all your guests will be surprised to see such a big strawberry hanging there. It’s perfect because it sets the party theme up from the very start too! 

Strawberry Balloon Arch 

Another great idea that packs a berry big punch is a strawberry balloon arch. Just shape these amazing strawberry, green, red, and pink balloons into an arch behind the party table to create a special place for your guests to congregate. The pictures of the food will look even more outstanding with this beautiful decoration in the background, too. 

Pink Strawberry Happy Birthday Backdrop 

A pink strawberry happy birthday backdrop will work amazingly well, if you can find a spare wall in the party venue to stick it on. It’s cute, it’s perfect for photo opportunities, and it reminds everyone why they’re all there – to celebrate your little one’s big day. This is one of those strawberry themed party decorations that EVERY guest will comment on. 

Berry Sweet Party Banner 

We love puns, hence all the ‘berry’ this and ‘berry’ that comments we’ve made so far. But it seems we’re not the only ones either, because this berry sweet party banner is as adorable as it is punny! This is perfect to hang in your party venue because it looks so great, especially the glittery strawberries. Glittery strawberries might not be something you thought you needed to see, but once you’ve seen it, you instantly fall in love! 

Strawberry Table Centerpiece 

Just because we couldn’t find a ready-made strawberry table centerpiece doesn’t mean we’re going to stop there. Oh no, because we love a little DIY decoration project. All you need is a big basket, mason jar, or large glass bowl to place in the middle of the party table. Then just stuff them full of fresh or artificial strawberries and place it in the middle of the party table for the perfect centerpiece. 

Strawberry Theme High Chair Banner 

If you’re throwing a strawberry themed 1st birthday party for a really little one, then this strawberry theme high chair banner is the perfect decoration/accessory! Just put this around the baby’s high chair, to celebrate their 1st birthday with an adorable strawberry theme that’s just perfect for the special day. Remember to take lots of pictures too – this is a party you’ll want to remember! 

Strawberry Scented Candle 

Not only does this strawberry scented candle smell like delicious, fresh-picked strawberries, but it looks just like a strawberry too! That makes this candle the perfect table decoration. It’s also great because all the best parties engage all 5 of our senses, and with this candle you’ll be able to transport your guests out of the party venue and into a field full of fresh strawberries with scent alone. How cool is that?

‘Strawberries Pick Your Own’ Tin Sign 

You might also want to decorate the party table some more with a rustic, farmer’s market style vibe, and this sign certainly fits the bill. We love this ‘strawberries pick your own’ tin sign because it looks like something you’d find on a fresh produce stand in a market, and we just think it would work brilliantly on your party table to encourage your guests to dig into the delicious treats you’ve prepared! 

Strawberry String Light 

Lighting is so important at parties because it can change the atmosphere so quickly. For this strawberry themed birthday party, you’ll want to create a relaxed, sweet, and cozy atmosphere, and that’s exactly what these adorable strawberry string lights do. They look great because of their strawberry shape, and we think they’d look even more amazing in a basket as a centerpiece when you need some additional lighting!

Strawberry Party Hat Costume

Funny photos are what parties are all about, right? Every party we’ve ever been to has had countless hilarious photos taken, and your strawberry themed party should be no different! That’s why when we saw this strawberry party hat costume, we just knew it had to appear on the list. Just imagine all your guests with this on their head taking fun photos together. These special memories are definitely worth capturing on camera (that way, you can embarrass your friends later)! 

Strawberry Themed Party Food

There are some obvious choices when it comes to strawberry themed party food for a party like this, and we definitely encourage you to use them! Party food is all about being simple and delicious, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. To help, we’ve put together a list of menu ideas for you to think about, and we’ve even prepared some serving suggestions to help make your party food really sing!

Menu Ideas 

Below is a list of delicious strawberry themed party food ideas for you to think about preparing for the big day: 

  • Strawberry tart
  • Strawberries & cream
  • Chocolate coated strawberries
  • Strawberry roly-polys
  • Strawberry jelly
  • Whipped Strawberry Butter
  • Strawberry cake pops
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Nutella Stuffed Strawberries
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Strawberry salad with goat’s cheese
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Strawberry juice
  • Strawberry milk
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Brownies
  • Strawberry ice lollies
  • Strawberry smoothies

The list really does go on! Just think about a delicious strawberry flavored treat, and you won’t go far wrong.

Decorate The Cake 

Of course, you’ll also be serving a birthday cake! You can make it strawberry flavored if the birthday boy/girl likes that flavor, or you can simply bake their favorite cake and then top it with an adorable strawberry cake topper! It fit’s the theme perfectly, even if the cake beneath it doesn’t, so it’s the best of both worlds. 

Serve With Strawberry Tableware

Yes, your strawberry themed party food already hits the mark for the party theme, but to tick an additional box, you might also consider buying some strawberry themed tableware and napkins to make your food even more special. It’s only a small thing, but it just adds an extra layer of fun to a day that’s already packed full of it! 

Strawberry Themed Party Favors

All the very best parties end with party favors. These small party bags don’t need to be full of expensive items, but small tokens to say thank you to your guests for celebrating your child’s birthday with them is a great idea. That’s why we thought it’d be best to finish with these strawberry themed party favors to give your guests something special from the day!

Strawberry Party Favor Bag 

To kick this section off, you’ll need a strawberry party favor bag – and we’ve found one! These drawstring strawberry shaped bags are perfect to use, and your guests can reuse them time and time again too. They’re bright, colorful, fun, and promise to be filled with some amazing strawberry themed party favors. What’s not to love about that?

Chupa Chups Strawberry Flavored 

Strawberry flavored Chupa Chups are the best lollipops out there and we’ll challenge anyone who says otherwise. They’re sweet, delicious, and a genuine treat, especially for kids (but us adults probably wouldn’t say no to them either, right?). Every good party favor bag should have a delicious snack inside, and these Chupa Chups lollipops are a great option for your strawberry themed party favors. 

Small Bag of Strawberry Seeds 

Do you know what else should be present in a party favor bag? Something practical, and that’s where a small bag of strawberry seeds comes in. It’s actually not that hard to plant strawberries at home and they’re relatively easy to care for until they’re ready to be harvested. Kids will also learn all about the plant growing process at home, from planting, right the way through to sitting down and enjoying delicious strawberries they grew themselves in a few months’ time! That’s pretty neat, right? And you’ll have helped them on their way by providing the seeds to start with!

Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Balm

And finally, a strawberry moisturizing lip balm is perfect for all guests. It’ll care for their lips, moisturize them, and the best thing of all? They taste and smell like strawberries! We don’t think it gets much better than that. 

And that’s it. Everything you need to know about throwing the perfect strawberry themed birthday party at home, all in one place for you to look through! We hope we’ve been a big help, and we can’t wait to welcome you back soon with some more fun-filled party theme ideas!

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