Summer Backyard Party: 8 Cooling Gadgets to keep Guests Cooler

summer backyard party, Summer Backyard Party: 8 Cooling Gadgets to keep Guests Cooler

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

It’s not always hot here in the UK. In fact, it’s actually quite rare to have a hot day at all. But now and then we’re blessed with a scorcher in summer. And when it’s hot, Brits dust off their BBQ, call all their friends and family, and throw a summer backyard party like their lives depend on it. It’s tradition. Unfortunately, because we’re not used to the heat here in the UK, we often complain about the heat we spent months praying for, because it becomes a little too hot after a while. But don’t worry, we’re not going to let anything put a stop to your summer backyard party on this blog! Oh no! We’ve got some perfect cooling gadgets to make you look like the most considerate party host of them all!

1. Portable Air Cooler For Outdoors 

The best thing you can do for your guests at a summer backyard party is provide them with a portable air cooler. Using this outdoors in the area that your guests are sitting and/or eating can be a great way to make them more comfortable. It’s so simple to use too, and can last for up to 12 hours on just one tank of water, so it will easily last for the length of your party!

2. Flamingo Beverage Cooler

This flamingo beverage cooler is so much fun. Is it for everybody? Well, it’s probably best suited to a flamingo themed summer party if we’re honest, but no matter your theme, your guests will have a lot of fun grabbing their drinks out of this hilarious looking flamingo beverage cooler. An added bonus is that it floats too, so if you have a pool or a paddling pool, then you can even enjoy a few cool beverages in the water! That’ll make your guests extra cool!

3. Cooling Towels For Guests

Cooling towels are an easy, budget friendly way to keep your guests cool. You don’t always need fancy cooling devices to make your guests more comfortable. Simply wet one of these cooling towels, wring it out, and then leave them out for your guests to grab as they please. It’s especially relaxing around the back of your neck, and it’ll bring your guests temperatures down quickly so they don’t become too hot or uncomfortable.

4. Portable Fan/Neck Fan 

These are two ideas rolled into one really, so we thought we’d cover them together. The idea here is that you pick up a few portable handheld fans or a couple of neck fans for your guests and then leave them out for them to grab whenever they need it. You can wear the neck fan around your neck and allow the cool air to be blown right at your face, without you needing to hold it the whole time. Whilst you will need to hold the portable fans yourselves, they are much cheaper so it’ll be easier to buy a few and leave them for your guests to take as they need it. However you decide to do it, fans are great cooling devices for your summer backyard party!

5. Pet Cooling Mat

Now, if you’re throwing a party with family pets involved, then spare them a thought! They’re your family too, and they deserve to be as comfortable as you are! A great way to keep pets cool when the heat is high is with a pet cooling mat. Just leave it out on the floor in some shade and your pet will figure out to use it when they get too hot. If you have guests coming with pets, don’t forget to provide them with one too – that way you’ll really look like a considerate host!

6. Frozen Glasses For Serving Drinks 

Next up, we need to think about drinks. Yes, serving them from a cooler (feel free to go back up and look at the flamingo again – we know you can’t resist that face) is great, but you can make the drinks even cooler than that! Serve your drinks in frozen glasses and the drink will stay cooler for longer, but it’ll also cool down your guests as they hold it. It’s a win-win!

7. Reusable Ice Cubes 

Reusable ice cubes are a great way to make sure you have ice in for the party. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a summer backyard party and realising that the hosts have forgotten the ice. And if it’s a boiling hot day, well, good luck trying to find some, because it’ll be sold out everywhere. Reusable ice cubes fix all that though, so pick them up now and throw them all in your freezer, and when the sun finally comes out, you’ll be able to throw a party without stress!

8. Mist Spray Fans

Last, but by no means least, are mist spray fans! For us, this is a step up from the portable and neck fans we showed you earlier, because it focuses on cooling the air, not you. With 5 brass misting nozzles, you can pick the one that’s best for you and your guests and then just sit back and enjoy the cool breeze!

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