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sunflower birthday party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Is your lovely little kid soon turning one? Are you planning a grand celebration on his/her first-ever birthday? If yes, then Sunflower themed 1st Birthday Party will be the best suggestion for your little ray of sunshine.

Let’s now talk about the timeless flower language of sunflower. The sunflower represents many positive meanings for different cultures including positivity, fresh energy, strength, adoration, loyalty, persistence, longevity, good luck, and happiness, etc. 

Considering all these positive vibes that sunflower brings to our lives, it’s widely considered to be the most suitable theme for the 1st birthday celebration. Given that these flower languages will ensure whole-hearted blessings to the baby, why do not you go for this fresh, unique, and wonderful theme?

Before you celebrate the Sunflower themed 1st birthday party, we have got some useful tips and product recommendations for you!

So, let’s begin to reveal how you can arrange a stunning Sunflower first birthday party so easily and seamlessly.

Tip#1: Invitation is the first and foremost step. Start with a sunflower invitation: tell your guests that they are warmly welcomed to attend your little sunshine’s 1st birthday party. 

Sunflower Party Invitations

As a recommendation, we have come up with these cute Sunflower Party Invitation cards. In each pack, you will get 20 Sunflower Fill-In Invitations & White Announcement Envelopes. Rest assured that these invitation cards will definitely match the party theme. Plus, they are designed with premium-grade material and look simply beautiful! So, hurry up and get ready to invite your esteemed guests with these special Sunflower-themed cards.

Tip#2: The second important thing is that you have to dress up the baby nicely because they are the key attraction to this party. We need to dress them up with a special sunflower-themed outfit.

If you are now wondering what will be the best outfit for your kid, then no worries. We have picked one outfit for baby girl and another one is for baby boy.

Outfit for baby girl

When it comes to sunflower outfit for baby girls, this is the best recommendation. It features a short tulle tutu skirt and a matching top. Also, you will get a solid ribbon bowknot and an elastic waistband to complete your kid’s sunflower birthday party looks.

Outfit for baby boy

Now, here’s a special outfit for baby boys that features sunflower patterns all over it. The high-quality outfit is made of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester (imported materials). Rest assured that it’s a soft, comfortable, skin-friendly, and breathable material. Your baby is gonna to look handsome and shinny in it.

Tip#3: Also, don’t forget to prepare a sunflower birthday crown for your baby, considering that he/she is the brightest star of the event. 

Sunflower Birthday Crown

This special sunflower-themed birthday crown hat is absolutely lovely. It’s studded with shiny gold sequins and adorned with lovely artificial sunflowers. Not only this crown ensures fine workmanship, but it also is extremely durable and reliable. With this crown hat, you’re ready to create a happy birthday atmosphere for your baby. 

Tip#4: Since this is a sunflower 1st birthday party, it is a great idea to arrange cute and beautiful sunflower hairpin accessories for the guests, to match and uplift the overall party atmosphere. 

Sunflower hair pin for guests

If you are now searching for sunflower hair pin accessories for guests at an affordable price, then here’s the right pick for you! Each of these boho style hair clips has a big sunflower embellished on them. Not only they are exquisite, but they are also so perfect gifts for birthday party guests.

Tip#5: You should hang a sunflower welcome sign to welcome all the esteemed guests.

Sunflower welcome sign

Let’s welcome the guests in style with this amazing decor. This hanging sunflower welcome sign is a must-have, spot-on decor for all sunflower themed parties. This welcome sign will depict the actual theme of the event in a pleasant way!

Tip#6: Let’s now focus on the Sunflower 1st birthday party decorations. Here’re a few decoration ideas for you!

Tip#7 (Decorations Idea 1): You can use a sunflower-themed 12-month photo banner to show the best and most memorable pics of the baby taken since birth.

Sunflower 12 Month Photo Banner

In this package, you will get 1 set of sunflower birthday photo banners, including 13 photo paper cards from newborn to twelve months, 1 rope, and 3 sheets of glue points. These monthly milestone photo banners are the best to highlight and showcase the key, gorgeous moments of your baby.

Tip#8 (Decorations Idea 2): We will need loads of Sunflower Balloons including 1) Sunflower Balloon Garlands 2) a lot of Sunflower Balloons including foil and latex.

Sunflower Balloon Garland 

This is an excellent sunflower garland decoration set where you will get sunflower vine and loads of balloons (in golden yellow and lemon yellow colors). The entire garland is made of plastic material. It’s indeed beautiful and safe to be used for children’s parties.

Sunflower Foil Balloons

For arranging sunflower 1st birthday parties, the party decor is always the main focus. That’s why we have come up with the recommendation of aluminum foil balloons in sunflower shapes. In this pack, you will get 2 pieces of sunflower balloons and 2 pieces of sunflower balloons with leaves. These balloons are non-toxic, durable, safe, and odorless.

Sunflower Latex Balloon

Sun and sunflower both bring a positive spirit to our lives! Do you want to showcase these elements at your party? If yes, then these sunflower latex balloons are worth your choice. You will get 50 pieces of latex balloons in 5 color options. Note, these are special balloons, very sturdy and safe.

Tip#9 (Decorations Idea 3): We may even consider having some pleasant sunflower-handing decors or interesting sunflower paper fans all over the venue surrounding so that it mimics the idea of having a fabulous party in the garden full of lovely sunflowers.

Hanging sunflower decor 

If your birthday party theme is all about sunflowers, then this hanging decor piece is highly appropriate. You’ll get four pieces of sunflower vines of 29 feet. Note, the materials of all the flowers and leaves are silk cloth, they look like real sunflowers, and are easy to clean.

Sunflower paper fan

On top of hanging sunflower decors, we will also recommend you to have some sunflower paper fans all over the venue. These 12 pieces of beautiful 18-inch paper sunflower fans will certainly amplify the atmosphere and background of an adorable sunflower themed 1st birthday party.

Tip#10: Decorate a beautiful high chair for your baby given that he/she is the mega superstar of the party today. You may use a highchair banner to decorate it even further.

Sunflower High Chair Banner

As a parent, you will always want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday in the best possible way! That’s why we have included an interesting and unique decor option — a sunflower high chair banner that is made of 100% natural jute burlap, durable and reusable material. This birthday banner will add a soft, rustic, and natural feel to the party decor.

Tip#11: For the party food, you have plenty of delectable menu options. For example, you can prepare some cookies, sandwiches, chocolate, fruit, and as well as a mini chocolate fountain as kids will surely love it. You may consider having some fabulous sunflower cupcake stands to serve the party food menus. In this way, the party buffet table will perfectly complement the sunflower theme. 

Sunflower cupcake stand

To make your life easy, we have picked a good-quality sunflower cupcake stand. This stand has three elevated bases to put the cupcakes and other food menus to serve to the guests. The main key feature of this cupcake stand is nothing but its stunning design which represents the sunflower theme. 

Tip#12: Please don’t forget to decorate the birthday cake. Of course, this is the very first birthday cake for your little baby! As parents, please make sure to decorate the birthday cake with interesting cake toppers.

Sunflower cake toppers

The birthday cake is always incomplete without a cake topper. So, what will be the best cake topper for sunflower birthday cakes? Well, here’s a great option to choose! The cake topper beautifully imitates the party theme.

Tip#13: Kindly remember to add a sunflower centerpiece to delight the party dining table. This design with sunflower in Mason Jar with lights will be absolutely ideal for any sunflower themed 1st birthday party. 

Mason Jar Lights Sunflower Centerpiece

Made of high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly materials, these mason jars will be a sumptuous centerpiece to all the party dining tables. To ensure an embellishing effect, you can decorate these mason jars with string lights that will emit a magical, lovely, and warm glow.

Tip#14: Let’s now come to the party Favors – you may consider to prepare a nice party paper bag with sunflower seed fillings. Let’s emphasize the famous quote — Love is grown where seeds are sown. 

Sunflower party favor bags

Unique sunflower theme paper bags are really attractive and impressive. When you are hosting an unforgettable sunflower-themed party, then make sure to prepare these sunflower party favor bags for your guests. Each pack will have twelve pieces of sunshine sunflower bags.

Sunflower seed

Please send a small token of gifts to the guests through the sunflower party favor bags. You can fill these bags with sunflower seeds with detailed seed sowing instructions. Plus, the text “Love is grown where seeds are sown” is written too.

Celebrating the first birthday of your baby in a unique way is indeed a dream of every parent. Of course, you’ll want the party to be memorable and spectacular.

So, let your dream come true! You can now easily arrange a magnificent birthday party with the sunflower theme. Sunflower 1st birthday party will be the best ever birthday celebration for your kids.

Since you are doing it for the first time, we have also attached all the tips as well as product recommendations (including smash cake, party decoration ideas, birthday gifts, balloon garlands, and much more too). Hence, please keep this guide handy and get ready to organize your kid’s sunflower themed 1st birthday party without any hassle.

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