Tea Party Favors For Adults: 12 Sweet Ideas for Guests

tea party favors, Tea Party Favors For Adults: 12 Sweet Ideas for Guests

Last updated on October 5th, 2022

Everybody loves a tea party, right? We know we certainly do! And the thing about a tea party is that it’s perfect for any occasion – bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, wedding party – or even just a simple afternoon catching up with friends. Sweet tea, lovely cakes, and good company; you don’t need anything else! Since tea parties put smiles on everyone’s face, we thought it would be good to send your guests home with a smile, too. So, in this article we’re going to talk about 12 tea party favors for adults that will certainly do just that! Are you ready to find out more? Then put your best Victoria sponge in the oven, grab a cup of tea, and meet us in the section below! 

1. Chic Floral Themed Tins Stuffed With Tea 

OK everyone, grab some polish and a clean rag and help us get these chic floral themed tins stuffed with tea ready for the party guests. No? Alright, we’ll do it ourselves… Still, there’s no denying how beautiful these floral tins are with their elegant design and soft pastel colours. You just know they’ll suit any kitchen countertop, don’t you? Which means your guests can display them at home thanks to their beauty, and use them every morning to get their tea ready. That’s a pretty special gift, huh?

2. Long Grip Stainless Steel Mesh Heart Shaped Tea Strainer Spoon 

Every grand tea party needs a tea strainer spoon, so we reckon you already have one ready to use at the party – but what about your guests? One of the best gifts you can give a person is the ability to recreate the event themselves at home, and with this long grip stainless steel mesh heart shaped tea strainer spoon, your guests will be hosting their own tea parties in no time! Plus, this is heart-shaped, and if that design doesn’t show how much you appreciate your friends for coming, nothing else will. 

3. Glass Tea Cup And Saucer 

Everybody has tea cups and saucers at home, right? But this glass tea cup and saucer isn’t just any old tea cup and saucer! First off, it’s glass, and few people have glass teacups and saucers, making them more special than your average set. But it also has a beautiful floral design that makes it look even more inviting. Despite it being glass, it’s also durable and designed for everyday use, so when your friends sit down for a cup of tea in the afternoon, they’ll always have an excuse to use your special tea cup and saucer!

4. Lotus Shaped Tea Infuser For Loose Leaf 

We find that loose leaf tea always brings out the best flavour, but there’s no denying it’s the most inconvenient tea type if you don’t have the right equipment – and not everybody does. So, give your guests the gift of flavour by gifting them this lotus shaped tea infuser for loose tea. It’s practical, since they’ll finally be able to enjoy the world of loose leaf tea for themselves, and the fun lotus design is a nice touch. The lotus flower is very relaxing too, so you’re also giving them the perfect excuse to chill out after a long day with this gift.

5. Mini Tea Storage Container 

Our first gift idea is great for the kitchen countertop, but what if you want tea on the move? In the office? Or on a long commute? Well, that’s where the mini tea storage container comes in. When it comes to tea party favor ideas, this is one of the most thoughtful ones, because you’re giving your friends the gift of being able to take a slice of the tea party with them wherever they go! They’re beautifully designed too, and we just know any guest will be happy with this one. 

6. Stainless Steel Rose Teaspoons 

Just like the cup and saucer, everyone has teaspoons. But NOT everyone has stainless steel rose teaspoons they can use when they’re treating themselves to an extra special cup of tea. You know how it is. Sometimes you want a cup of tea that’s more than just a cup of tea. It can take you away to another world with new flavors, or help you relax at home. When you’re searching for that cup of tea, you want everything to be special, and these stainless steel rose teaspoons certainly are!

7. Mini Crown Spoon Necklace 

Now, this gift is for the tea lover in your life. As favors for tea party go, this one is fun, but also quite sweet. Yes, it is a mini crown spoon necklace, and no, not everybody will understand this necklace. But not everybody has to! Imagine handing out these necklaces to all your friends at the tea party – it’s basically the adult equivalent of a friendship bracelet! You’re the ‘Tea Party Brigade’ or the ‘Spoon Full Of Sugars’ – you know, you’re a special group bonded by your love of tea. That’s a pretty special keepsake if you ask us…

8. Japanese Green Tea Bag 

This idea works especially well if you’re serving some green tea at your tea party. Not everybody has tried green tea yet, so by giving your guests a Japanese green tea bag each, you’re giving them the gift of enjoying a relaxing, soothing cup of green tea at home. When they sit down and take a sip of the rejuvenating blend, they’ll think of you, the tea party, and all the fun they had. And if that’s not a perfect gift for tea party favors, then we don’t know what is!

9. Green Tea Lip Balm 

Talking of rejuvenating green tea, why not give your guests a green tea lip balm too? They taste great on the lips, but more than that, they’re moisturizing, soft, and 100% natural! It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Besides, a gift like this means your guests can carry a slice of the tea party with them wherever they go, and if they ever feel like they’re missing the ‘Spoon Full Of Sugars’ gang, they can just pop this on their lips and Voila – they’re sent right back to the tea party!

10. Teapot Warmer 

This teapot warmer is two things. First, it’s a practical gift that not a lot of people will own. Few people think about keeping their teapots warm and certainly not with a candle beneath them, so giving your guests this gift is something really useful that they’ll definitely get a lot of use out of. But second, it’s pretty. We know it’s just a stainless steel teapot warmer when you look at it now, but with a freshly brewed pot of tea and the candle burning beneath it, this turns into a thing of meditative beauty! 

11. Individually Wrapped Sugar Cube 

An individually wrapped sugar cube might seem strange, but trust us, it’s a fun themed gift for the tea party gift bags! Just use an empty tin (maybe one of the ones we’ve talked about already) or some beautiful wrapping paper and wrap it up. It’ll make the sugar cube feel that much more special, and we bet your friends will only use your sugar cubes for special occasions because they know it’s a special gift from a special time with friends. 

12. Citrus Squeezer

If we’re giving the gift of tea exploration with some of the things we’ve put together so far on this list, then this last idea is perfect. A citrus squeezer is very practical, because it means guests can fix themselves fruit tea or lemon tea easily at home, so they can continue exploring different flavor combinations they may have tried at the tea party. That means they might discover new flavors they love, or at the very least be transported back to your special tea party with each sip!

Wrapping Up of Tea Party Favor Ideas 

All that’s left for us to say is we hope you have a wonderful tea party and, of course, if you have a spare seat around the table, we’re always happy to grab a cuppa too! Cheers!

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