Tennis Themed Party: Fun Party Ideas to celebrate your Birthday

tennis themed party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you a tennis fan with a birthday party coming up? There is no better way to celebrate it than with your favorite sport. Yes, we are talking about a tennis themed party. It offers you an exciting opportunity to turn your party into a tennis extravaganza. Are you looking for ideas? Never worry! We have rounded up a list of creative ideas to help you make your celebration a bit special.

Tennis themed party invitations

Invitations are vital when planning to throw a party. So, ensure you set the mood for your birthday party prior. Design good invitation cards and let the visitors join the celebration.

Here are a few tennis party invitations you can consider.

Have a ball

Get a paper and cut it out in the shape of a tennis ball. Include your party details in a black front (or an attractive color of your choice). Add gift ideas, and you are done.

Teal and yellow tennis invitation

This invitation is ideal for a girl’s tennis party. It can create a modern design that can surely convince your guests.

Play with words

Be creative and execute play on words. For instance, ‘Let’s hit the court for Geoff’s birthday”.

Tennis party decorations

To create a perfect party experience for your visitors, decoration is something you might want to consider. A party decorated well can change how your visitors feel. Decorations also can help create an excellent party story for your visitors. Importantly, it will build a birthday party to remember. Here are a few decoration ideas that can truly set the right mood for your guests.

Use a tennis Wall Tapestry as the tennis themed party backdrop

A tennis wall tapestry is a sure-fire way to enhance the venue with a personal touch. They also encourage a tranquil moment-add charm and coziness to the space.

Tennis 3D backdrop

Buy a tennis 3D backdrop-it can also make an easy and creative decoration that your visitors will love.

Tennis Balls 3D Decor Light

Want to add a little bit of classy to the party? You can use tennis balls 3D decor light. It can make an exciting decoration element for your birthday party.

Tennis themed Party Balloon

A party without balloons can seem boring. You can choose yellow, green, or white. Create a balloon arch-this can also be an ideal backdrop.

Tennis themed party garland

Adding tennis garlands to your party will certainly make a statement. They are a perfect way for your visitors to capture moments once they step through the door.

A glass vase filled with a tennis ball

Pick a large glass vase and fill it with tennis balls. It can also make a perfect centerpiece decoration. Or, if your room is spacious, add racquets. Fill the vase with water and top it with candles for a complete party experience.

Use Artificial Grass Turf

This is especially true if you are having an indoor party. Artificial grass is attractive can bring tranquility to your space. Use white tape to make a tennis court, prepare a picnic table and let the visitors enjoy it.

Tennis-themed party games

Tennis-themed party games maintain the fun rolling for your visitors. So, you have already set a tennis court in your backyard? Here are the best options that your kid will love.

Look Photos competition

Set a photo booth and get your visitors tennis dresses and a tennis racket. Prepare for photo shooting. Look Photos competition is a perfect way for visitors to share the experience via social media. If you want to add a fun element to the photos, you can use tennis photo booth props instead of real tennis equipment.

Cross over tennis tournament

You don’t own a tennis court? Try cross-over tennis tournament. Hold a ping racket and play table tennis with a tennis ball on your dining table. It is a perfect tennis party activity idea that will excite your guests. Or, you can opt for badminton. Don’t forget to give small prizes to the winners, like a new tennis dress.

Tennis Ball Birthday Party Game Scratch Off Cards

Tennis ball birthday game scratch-off cards can be enjoyed by kids and birthday party visitors of all ages. As the guests arrive, give them the scratch-off cards and let them play before eating. Honor the winners with a small prize.

Tennis Trivia

What knowledge do you have about tennis? Do you know tennis rules? Tennis trivia offers you a chance to test your knowledge with tennis questions.

Tennis Pinata

Pinatas are an excellent way to keep guests entertained. Buy a tennis ball pinata and fill it with sweet candies. Allow your guests to break it with a tennis racket instead of a bat to match the game with the party’s theme.

Tennis-themed party food

Never let your party down when it comes to hungry stomachs. There are plenty of tennis-themed parties food ideas out there. Here are the most favorite dishes we have picked to ensure your tennis birthday is an unforgettable experience.

Tennis cake

Tennis Birthday Cake Decorations  | Tennis themed party ideas

You can not call it a party without a cake. Make a cake and add green frosting to decorate. Use white frosting to make two curved lines. The idea is; you want to make it look like a tennis ball. Cupcakes can also work pretty well.

Tennis ball cake pops

You can make these sweet treats at home or let them be delivered from your local cake shop. Tennis ball cakes can surely hit the bash.

Strawberries and cream

Nothing wins the hearts of kids than a treat of creams and strawberries. Slice ripe strawberries and serve them with cream. Your guests will love it.

Tea sandwiches

Make sandwiches, mix them with cream and cucumber. It can make a perfect refreshment for your guests.


For a fun drink option, serve your guest champagne. For kids, a juice can work pretty well.


Serve your guests a homemade quiche for a savory snack.

Tennis cookies

Making tennis cookies is by far one of the favorite ways to celebrate a birthday party. The preparation is simple and inexpensive. Decorate them to wow your friends.

Tennis racket shaped pasta

These are the fun-shaped food that most children love. Serve it with goat cheese for a sophisticated meal.

Tennis ball donuts

Tennis ball donuts are always a hit. These delicious treats are great for any tennis-themed birthday party.

Green and yellow macrons

The bright colors of green and yellow macrons make them excellent for kids ‘parties. Adults will love these oh-so-sweet macrons, too.

Themed food picks

If you want to liven up a special celebration, use tennis themed food picks to decorate burgers, cupcakes, and other finger foods.

Tennis Birthday Cake Topper

Birthday cake toppers have reflected the growing diversity in most birthday parties. They come in an excellent size to bring a style that visitors will love.

Tennis themed party tableware

Tennis-themed tableware includes cups, napkins, and paper plates. They are also designed with tennis balls to match the theme of your party.

Tennis themed party favors

For any party, consider giving party favors. And the best party favor is the ones visitors enjoy or will use again. Check out some of the gifts that will bring a smile to your visitors’ faces.

Tennis Vibration Dampeners

There is no doubt that most people will be happy to receive tennis vibrations dampeners as a favor. So, what could make it a better choice? For one, it is budget-friendly. And for the second, it is practical, so you can use it to play tennis. Add a small note of thanks and instructions on how to play your favorite tennis game.

Cute Tennis Racket Shape gel pen

Whimsical and fun, this classic tennis racket shape gel pen is party-appropriate that can keep your guests happy. Another fun idea: it is affordable and cute.

Chocolate or candy bar

What better way to share the love than preparing a chocolate or candy bar for your guests? They are a perfect crowd-pleaser! Give them to your guests to take on your party. Perhaps with a cute tennis ACE sticker. You can personalize the sticker with your name and date or birthday hashtag. You are good to go!

Colorful wrist band for tennis

Wrist bands are priorities for any birthday party. Incorporating some tennis-themed favor is a perfect way to tie all things together. Do not forget their matching line up too, such as tennis stickers. Your guests will truly love it.

Festive cookies

Prepare cookies and decorate them with white and yellow frosting. Put them into a clear bag and give your guests to take home. Never like baking? You can buy them from your nearest cookies shop.

Tennis tumbler

Send your guests home with tennis tumblers which they can use to drink at home. You can also customize these perfect party favors with the visitors’ names. Add candies and let them go making their to-go munchies.

Wrapping up of Tennis Themed Party Ideas

Preparing for a tennis-themed party does not need a lot of work. Read the above ideas, and you are guaranteed a perfect birthday bash.

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