The 10 Stag Do Games That Can Spice Up Your Weekend

stag do game, The 10 Stag Do Games That Can Spice Up Your Weekend

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Say stag do games, and mental images spark into your mind: dead ants, toy soldiers, among others. Bachelor party games are a man’s best moments guaranteed to make his weekend quite hilarious and memorable. In fact, stag do games is what sets men apart from boys. So, the last thing you will want is to maintain your crew on the go throughout the night. 

If you are less on creative ideas, the good news is, the possibilities are endless. And this guide will have you sorted. 

Here are the best ten stag drinking games that you should give a shot; 

1. Beer PongClassic and Must-Have Stag Do Game

It is one of the classic and best stag do drinking games that can surely make your night enjoyable. Furthermore, it is simple and can fit any category of the drinking crowd. 

Requirements: More than two ping balls, a beer (your favorite brand), a long pong ping table, and 20 cups 

How to play

First, you need to divide yourselves into two teams. Arrange the cups in a triangle shape at the end of the table. Fill the cups halfway with the beer then you are good to go. Players try to throw the ball to the opponent’s side. The moment you hit the cup, the opponent puts down and drinks the beer in it. The winner is the team with the remaining cups when the game ends. 

Beer Pong is an ideal stag do drinking game that is quite competitive. 

2. Shot Roulette

Shot roulette is another interesting stag do for a drinking game. You can start shooting roulette from your home or head straight to the bar for the optimal experience. 

Requirements: A table, a bottle, water, and equal amounts shots per player

How to play

Playing shot roulette is straightforward. Arrange water and alcohol shots as you may like. Fill half with water and another half with vodka (of course, your favorite brand). Start spinning bottles and pick a shot that lands on you. As you take a drink, the other members of the crew attempt to say what you swallowed. Each time it is alcohol, and they get it right, you have a chance for another shot. 

3. Arrogance

Arrogance is also known as a dirty pint. Regardless of the name, this is yet another drinking game that is truly hilarious and sometimes disgusting. 

Requirements: A coin, a drink, and an empty glass

How to play

This is a drinking game that requires confidence, thus the name. Pour your favorite drink into an empty glass as much as you want. Then flip a coin. If you guess correctly, you are safe and pass the challenge to the next person. The game keeps going until someone predicts wrong. And whoever makes this mistake will drink the whole mixture that everyone has been contributing. A disgusting moment if the team has different drinks!

4. Flip cup

Looking for a great stag do a drinking game that will keep your momentum going all over the weekend? Yes, please! The flip cup never disappoints. 

Requirements: A long table, plastic cups (red is most preferred), and a beer

How to play

Divide the cups into two teams. Fill them halfway and place them along each side of the table. It is a kind of competition where two players face off along the table. 

The first person drinks the beer and attempts to flip the cup over to make it stand upside down on the table. If you successfully flip the cup, you pass the turn to the next player. The winner is the team that finishes drinking and flipping the cup successfully. 

5. Drunk Jenga

Once meant for kids, drunk Jenga now is a pretty challenging adult game.

Requirements: A marker pen, alcohol, and a game of Jenga

How to play

First, write a series of rules or actions on the side of the blocks. Set up a drunk Jenga with the action side facing in. That means you don’t know the action you will pull. Each time you pull a block, you need to finish the task written on it regardless of its difficulty. If you knock the tower down, you lose. Meaning you have to get down your whole drink. 

Some actions may include “drink” meaning you must drink, and “give a drink” meaning you must give a drink to the next player. Drunk Jenga is a game of concentration. Otherwise, the outcome is pretty hilarious. 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is another funny yet hilarious stag drinking game. And it can sometimes cause you trouble. 

Requirements: Customized t-shirt and a list of items you desire

How to play

Come up with a list of items that players have to look at. It can be physical items like a girl’s underwear or explicit activities such as giving a dance to a random stranger or taking a selfie with someone sharing the same name with the groom. The more you play, the more you earn yourself points. 

7. Ring of fire

Requirement: An empty glass, alcohol, and a deck of cards

How to play

Spread the cards around the empty glass (best known as “Kingcup”) with players surrounding it. Then start decking cards. Every card has a different drinking challenge. For instance, if it’s two, you choose a drinking mate. Or, if it’s seven you select someone to take a sip. 

8. The game of fives

It is one of the easiest stags do games as far as drinking is concerned. 

Requirements: A hand and a drink for each player

How to play

Clench your fist and extend it into a circle. When it is your turn, you guess the number of hands you think will be open five times. Also, players can decide to either open or close their hands. An open fist means five, and a closed fist means zero. If you guess correctly, you are safe, and you can exit the game. The game continues until there will be one left. 

9. Heavyweight Champion of the World

Requirements: A wrestling belt and an alcohol

How to play

Let the groom start with the belt. So, anyone participating in the game can try to earn it. The person left with the belt at the end becomes a winner. 

10. Statues

Requirements: No tools required but just a spacious room

How to play

Here, the best man suddenly stops and makes a pose as he is waiting for the rest of the crew to notice what he has done. The entire group will then try to freeze the frame where the last person to notice becomes a loser. 


That is it for the list of best ten stag do games you can play during your stag weekend. Remember to buy hangover food because you will need it.

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