The 11 Best Kids Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthday Cake Topper

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

It would be so easy just to throw a birthday candle on top of a cake and call it done. But a simple birthday topper might be all it takes to bring a huge smile to your kid’s face when their birthday cake is brought out to them. To help you decide which of the 12 amazing kids birthday cake toppers are right for your kid, we’ve split them into 3 categories: 

1. Birthday Cake Toppers For ALL

2. Birthday Cake Toppers For Boys

3. Birthday Cake Toppers For Girls

You know your child better than anybody though, so just because we’ve split them up like this, doesn’t mean you can’t buy their favourite one. Take a look at all 12 birthday cake toppers below, and we’re sure you’ll find something that your kid will LOVE!

Birthday Cake Toppers For ALL 

1. Harry Potter Cake Topper 

Is your kid in love with all things Potter? Then bring a slice of the wizarding world to their cake! This Harry Potter cake topper is perfect for any little wizard or witch and it has everything your kids will love in the design: the deathly hallows mark, Harry’s scar! Add this to their cake and they’ll be so excited that you’re guaranteed to get some great pics!

2. Animal Birthday Topper 

Nothing says happy birthday to your cheeky monkey quite like, well, a cheeky monkey… This animal cake topper is perfect for your little one whatever their interests, and the design is really cute and will work well for your kid at any age. If you want a birthday-cake topper that’s really going to wow the birthday boy/girl, then this is perfect!

3. Rainbow Birthday Topper

This is for those kids who are so into EVERYTHING that they won’t be able to choose which cake decoration to get. It’s a simple rainbow birthday topper that adds a nice bit of colour to your decorated cake and every kid will be impressed by it!

Birthday Cake Toppers For Boys 

4. Spiderman Cake Topper 

If you’re celebrating a birthday, you might as well do it with a superhero, right? This spiderman cake topper is a lot of fun. All 8 pieces are in a different pose, so you can use them all or just some of them if you prefer. However you put it together, your cake is sure to look amazing with these mini superheros helping you out!

5. Star Wars Birthday Topper 

Whether your kid is on the dark side of the force or the light, this Star Wars cake topper has everything they need. You can mix and match the cake cards that come with the pack to stand alongside the cake topper, or else bake extra cupcakes to make full use of everything on offer. Whatever you decide to do, the droids, jedis, and stormtroopers of Star Wars will impress your kid for sure!

6. Super Mario Cake Topper 

It’s-a Me Mario! (And Luigi, and Princess Peach, and Yoshi…) This Super Mario themed cake topper pack is everything a Mario fan needs – it has all the best characters, some scenery from the games that your kids are sure to be familiar with, and the bright colours will make every cake look amazing! If your kid loves Mario – this is the cake topper for them. 

7. Dinosaur Happy Birthday Cake Topper

If your little one isn’t quite old enough to be firing webs from their hands like Spiderman, or clashing light sabres with Yoda just yet, then this dinosaur cake topper is the one for them. It’s a really cute design with brilliant colours that will make any cake look great. The jungle scenery that comes with it helps complete the feel of the cake and any little boy would love to have it!

Birthday Cake Toppers For Girls

8. Unicorn Birthday Topper 

If you want rainbows, stars, balloons, glitz, and glamour – oh, and a unicorn too – then this cake topper is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any birthday girl’s cake, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face the moment they see it! 

9. Frozen Cake Topper 

FINALLY! Your kid is out of the ‘Peppa Pig stage’ and it’s all uphill from here! What’s that? They’ve just watched Frozen for the first time? Yeah, you’re going to need to buckle yourself in for HOURS of Frozen fun. So you might as well invite Anna and Elsa to the party too with this amazing Frozen cake topper!

10. Mermaid Birthday Topper 

Maybe your little girl isn’t one for rainbows and unicorns and Disney princesses, but don’t worry, they can still have a magical birthday with this mermaid cake topper. It has everything you need to turn your cake into an underwater adventure, and we can guarantee that your little one will love it.

11. LOL Cake Topper

LOL dolls are everywhere at the moment, so why not throw them on top of your cake too? It’s a really fun design with a tonne of bright colours that will make any cake look the part. Pick this up and your kid will think their cake is the best thing since sliced… cake? 

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