The 15 Exciting Christmas Games for the family party to Brighten Your Festive Holiday

christmas games for the family party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Christmas is around the corner, and with it comes a bit of cheer. It is time to enjoy, get occupied, and importantly-have festive fun activities. We aren’t talking about the regular Goldfish Crackers games, either. We have rounded up the list of exciting Christmas games for the family party that you should give a shot. Whether you are looking for a simple game for your kid or an activity for your annual Christmas party, we have something that can surely meet your exact needs.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best Christmas games that will make your holiday memorable.

Christmas Bingo

A Christmas party staple every year!

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Paper cutter
  • Laminator
  • Card stock
  • Laminating pouches
  • Manipulatives (these includes beads, M&Ms, counters, etc.)

How to play Christmas Bingo?

Print and cut the bingo cards. Laminate them. Distribute each player with a bingo card and small markers and let them mark on the free space. Flip all the calling cards upside down. Flip one card up and call it (snowman, for example) and allow players to flip and mark snowman on their cards. Keep on playing until players find the bingo. Once a player finds a bingo, you can continue or clear the boards and restart the game. To make the game more enjoyable, allow the players to take turns when flipping the cards.

It is the perfect game if you are looking for anything which will keep your babies occupied the entire Christmas season.

Christmas would you rather?

A lighthearted game that can surely match your festive moods.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Printer
  • Printable papers

How to play Christmas Would you rather?

With every family member gathered all around, ask everyone which choice they would rather select. Once they have chosen their options, you are free to discuss them together. Some of the ‘would you rather questions’ may include;

Would you rather celebrate the festive season this year or not celebrate Halloween?

Would you rather have a homemade Christmas card or present?

Rest assured, you will love critical thinking skills, flexibility in thinking, and communicating thoughts.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

Spread a few cheers for your whole group this year.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Printable Christmas scavenger hunt clues
  • Gift after ending the game

How to play Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game?

After setting up your scavenger hunt, give the first clue to players and ensure they use it up to the end. Decide to put the clue cards in a wrapped Christmas gift or even in the kids’ lunch boxes to make the game more interesting.

The scavenger hunt game is an absolute favorite that can charm your Christmas mornings.

White Elephant Game Exchange

A fun way for party members to know each other. One of the most preferred Christmas party games for the whole family.

Preparation and materials needed:

  • Gifts
  • A group of people up for a funny festive affair
  • A paper and pen

How to play White Elephant Game Exchange?

Assemble the members and let each player draw a number. The player with number one chooses the gift and unwraps it. The second player has three choices; pick a new present, go with a wrapped one or take the unwrapped gift from the first player. If player two chooses to take the present from player one, the first person picks another gift to unwrap. The game continues until everyone unwraps the gift.

White elephant game exchange is a game where everyone is the winner. Plus, the game itself offers a lot of fun and can have your whole crew roaring a burst of laughter.

Christmas Trivia Game

A perfect Christmas party games for the whole family to put your skills to test.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • True of false cards
  • Christmas kisses boards
  • True or false Christmas trivia questions
  • Something to cover the spaces

How to play Christmas Trivia Game?

Before you play, you first need to gather true and false questions related to holidays (interesting facts). Print the questions with answers on the back and give them to each player. Or, you can decide to let players pick one question each. The part leader reads the question aloud and waits for the answer. The correct answer wins a point. The first player to reach the setpoints wins.

It is best after finishing your Christmas presents and want something that will keep your friends occupied.

Christmas Tic Tac Toe

A Christmas party games for the whole family favorite of all ages.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Printer paper
  • Printer
  • Craft glue
  • Crayons
  • Markers

How to play Christmas Tic Tac Toe?

The game involves two players, each with an identifying mark. In most cases, you will find one marked ‘X’ and the other ‘O’. The aim is to get three of your marks-either vertically, horizontally, or diagonal. Players take turns making a mark on the board, trying to block the opponent from making a three-row. The one who makes a three-row win.

The Christmas Tic tac toe is a perfect game for toddlers, preschoolers, and teens.

Christmas Sock Guessing Game

A perfect excuse for guests to figure out objects in the stocking.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Holiday objects
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Oversized stocking

Bring a new oversized stocking and pack it with a holiday object. You will have 15-30 holiday objects in total. Consider things like plastic ornaments, ribbons, pine cones, among others. The idea is, ensure the objects you pick are unbreakable. Before the game, tie the top with a rope.

How to play Christmas Sock Guessing Game?

Give everyone a pen and a piece of paper. Explain the amount of time needed for each to identify the object inside the stocking (40sec-1min is better). Collect the results, and remove the objects one by one. Ask the players who they taught got the most. Finally, represent the winner.

Monopoly for X’Mas

Immerse yourself into Christmas spirit with the game Monopoly for X’Mas. One of the best Christmas party games for the whole family.

Preparation and materials needed:

  • Two dices
  • Renamed game board (apartments, hotels, skyscrapers)
  • Collectible tokens
  • Renamed play cards (Christmas cheer, Christmas spirit)
  • Title deed cards

Monopoly is a game of 2-6 players, with an average playtime of 60-180 minutes.

How to play Monopoly for X’mas?

The rules of monopoly are easy to learn. But they are specific. Every player needs to roll a dice and move the squares indicated. Every time you pass ‘Go’- you collect a sum of $200 from the bank. You can buy properties that you may land, and the banker will auction it to the highest bidder. Continue by building properties. And then complete the game by doing the necessary actions (paying rent, paying tax, among others). If you complete the process, you will find your cards returned to the bottom of the pile. The player with the most money wins.

It’s fun and offers a lot of excitement.

Nutcrackers Ring Toss Game

A bunch of fun for all ages.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • The ring toss game set
  • Inflatable nutcrackers
  • Rings of different sizes

How to play Nutcrackers Ring Toss Game?

Give each player eight rings, and make them stand some distance from the game board. You toss, you score, you win! If you toss the black nutcrackers, you score 5 points. For white nutcrackers, you score 10 points. Green nutcrackers, you score zero. For yellow and red nutcrackers, you get 50 and 70 points, respectively. The player who scores many points wins.

If you are not wanting gifts for the party, then play this game and have a few gifts be special presents.

Oven Mitts Challenge

An exciting game for your festive season.

Preparations and materials needed:

How to play Oven Mitts Challenge?

Let your family gather together, each with a dice and a Santa hat with mitts in it. Allow the first player to roll the dice double to any number. If they do, you get a gift. If you fail, you pass to the next player. The game continues until everyone gets a gift.

Oven mitts challenge is a great way to spend quality time together. It can sure have everyone laughing.

Face the gingerbread man game

A perfect way to spend quality time with your little ones.

Preparation and materials needed:

  • A dice
  • Face
  • Bow
  • Buttons
  • Hat
  • Scarf

How to play Face the gingerbread man game?

Every player begins with a plain gingerbread man and rolls the dice. The first player to finish decorating their gingerbread man wins. You win if your gingerbread man has a face, a hat, a scarf, and buttons.

It is an easy game to play, perfect for any group or age.

Christmas Songs Pictionary

Fun and interactive Christmas party games for the whole family.

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Singers
  • Paper and pen
  • List of Christmas carols

How to play Christmas Songs Pictionary?

Have your family members and divide them into two. Let each team choose a gamemaster and give them a card. Allow the leader to get back to the group and let the group try to guess the name of the carol. Once the group knows it, they sing it until the gamemaster thumbs up. Once done, the group sends a person for another carol. The game continues until one group completes their songs.

Best enjoyed by anyone who loves Christmas music.

Christmas Rush

An elimination Christmas games for the family party that can add a lot of fun to your festive holiday

Preparations and materials needed:

• Christmas game tokens
• Poker sized playing cards

How to play Christmas Rush?

The game is suitable for 3-8 players. Players need to pass the cards quickly once the iconic season sound echoes in the air. The aim is to beat the Christmas rush and collect the four cards. Otherwise, you will get eliminated.

Get your Christmas themed, and you will be excited about what the game offers.

Naughty or Nice Christmas Game

Perfect for large groups

Preparation and materials needed:

  • Rubber band
  • Tissue paper
  • Foam core boards
  • Red plastic cups
  • Nice Christmas game strips

How to play Naughty or Nice Christmas Game?

The is to help Santa identify members if they are nice or naughty. Let every member punch through the paper on a cup and get out what is inside. Let every member read aloud their nice or naughty.

The entire game is full of laughter and fun.

Blindfold Christmas Drawing

An easy way to add laughter to your Christmas party

Preparations and materials needed:

  • Christmas Blindfolds
  • Markers
  • Paper plates

How to play Blindfold Christmas Drawing?

Make players sit around the table and blindfold them. Then give instructions for the drawing you need (such as Christmas tree, jingle bells, Santa etc.). After finishing, let them have a look at the masterpiece. The one with the most creative image within one minute wins.
The game is easy to play and enjoyable.

Wrapping up

The above Christmas party games for family gathering are quite interesting. If you follow all the rules, you’ll surely have a good time with your friends or family during these holiday seasons! Get ready for the Christmas games for the family party now!

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