10 best Halloween Symbol-inspired Costumes: Look Fun, Stylish, and Creepy

Halloween symbols and costume

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Kids love to celebrate Halloween, isn’t it? Halloween celebrations will also be a perfect way to treat them! Before the upcoming Halloween celebration, it will indeed be a great and excellent idea to dress them up with special costumes and face prints. These specially designed costumes and face prints will help them get a scary and eerie look for sure! We will take the common Halloween symbols into account while choosing the perfect costume for them in 2021.

Common Halloween Symbols

When it comes to decorating your kids with Halloween costumes, you must know the common symbols of Halloween. For your quick reference, the most conventional and common symbols of Halloween include witches, ghosts, bats, skeletons, Jack-O-Lanterns, black cats, scarecrows, owls, Mexican skulls, and spiders.

Black Cats

Rest assured that these symbols have a unique and interesting origin. For example, black cats are originated from Europe. They are also quite famous in America too. Black cats are considered to emphasize bad luck.


A silhouette of a witch riding a broomstick in front of the full moon is definitely one of the most iconic images associated with Halloween. In the ancient Celts culture, Witch is known as the supernatural healer, and anything considered as supernatural should be avoided and feared.

Jack-O-Lanterns, Bats and Skeletons

Jack-O-Lanterns have an origin that belongs to Ireland. Note, Irish people use jack-o’-lanterns outside their doors to shoo away wandering spirits. Witches are the most common symbols of Halloween, and they were originated during the Middle Ages. Bats and Skeletons are also quite common symbols for Halloween. Both of these two symbols are dated back to 7200 BCE.

Halloween symbols

Mexican Skull

Likewise, the Mexican skull is a symbol of remembrance, melancholy, and sadness. It’s different from traditional skulls because it’s uniquely colorful.


Owls have always been associated with Halloween and black magic. That’s why it’s considered to be a special Halloween symbol.


Coming to the spider, it has been a powerful, widespread, and ancient mythical symbol. This supernatural Halloween symbol represents ensnarement, fear, danger, and deception.

The best part is that the above-mentioned special Halloween symbols are now available in the form of costumes. Rest assured that they look so scary and eerie. So, interesting, isn’t it? It will really be so much fun, creepy, and unique to wear these special costumes and symbols during the Halloween celebrations. On top of these costumes, do not forget to wear some face paint to make the overall look more creepy and spooky.

Halloween Costumes 2022

In this context, if you are looking for special Halloween costumes 2022, then please check the sections below and reveal our pick of the top ten best Halloween Costumes.

Witch Costume

As already mentioned, witch costumes are widely used for Halloween. Here’s a perfect recommendation for a witch costume which is suitable for girls between 3-10 years old. Made with durable, comfortable, 100% polyester material, the costume includes a hat, witch dress, w/tutu skirt that can be lit up, and a magic wand.

Ghost Costume

This hooded ghost costume is so cute for sure! So, if you are searching for cute Halloween costumes, then this will be a great recommendation for you. It features a simple yet delicate design. It comes in milky white color with a hooded pattern and it’s available in different sizing options.

Bats Costume

If you are in search of the best Halloween Costumes, then here’s another recommendation for your kids. It can be worn by both boys and girls. It includes a combination of a jumpsuit, cape, and hat — all in black color. It’s made of premium quality polyester fabric and can be worn very easily. This bats costume is one of the most adorable among all Halloween costumes 2021.

Colorful Skeletons Costume

If you want to dress up your kid in a fun and creepy way, then you must try these colorful skeletons. Skeletons do not always need to be in black and white color. You can go for some colorful options to make it more interesting and fun. The material of this costume is so comfortable, lightweight, and superior. This skeleton costume includes multi-colored Shirt, a pair of leggings, skirt, 2 Sleeves, and hair extension. It’s completely non-toxic and perfect for young kids.

Jack-O-Lanterns Costume

With these Jack-O-Lanterns Costumes, your kid will look so cool and cute! The costume includes one Jack-O-Lantern dress, one bag, and one hat. It’s made of high-quality, non-woven fabric. It’s easy to wear and comes with different sizing options.

Black Cat Costume

In the previous sections, we have talked about the black cat as a well-known Halloween symbol. This symbol is now available in the form of kids’ Halloween costumes 2021. The costume comes in black color and features a printed cat face in the front. The material is comfortable and the costume pattern is meant for young girls.

Scarecrow Costume

Give your baby a gift of these 7-pieces scarecrow costume and they will surely dance with joy! Because this costume is very much pretty and cute. The costume includes a complete set of scarecrow woven straw clothes, such as 1 piece straw skirt, 2 pieces foot covers, 1 piece rope tie, 2 pieces wrist straps, and 1 piece felt scarecrow hat headband. The costume is made of raffia paper material, which is soft, safe, comfortable, and durable. The dress even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Owl Costume

Owl Costume is indeed a cute animal costume for young kids. The costume features a tail, eyes, and nose and that’s why it looks like a real animal. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. With this particular costume, it will help your kid get a real owl-like Halloween look. It’s very stylish and unique.

Mexican Skull Costume

This is another fancy and fashionable costume that represents another Halloween symbol i.e. Mexican skull. The product is made of high quality fabric. It features the usage of bright colors. It has a smooth and soft finishing. Rest assured that this costume is suitable for long-term wear. Children aged between 3-8 years can wear this costume and flaunt a fabulous and creepy look.

Spider Costume

This spooky spider costume can be so much suitable for kids. It comes with 64 LED Purple string lights and it looks so damn gorgeous. It will help your kid to create a vivid, unique, and scary appearance. It’s made of breathable and lightweight material. Not only this spider costume is durable, but also it’s so unique. Note, this costume features a long-lasting metal frame and it’s covered with soft plush material (black fur), scary red eyes, and eight spider legs.

Make up with Face Paint

With this, you have revealed our top ten picks of the best Halloween costumes 2021. Each of them represents a special Halloween symbol. These costumes will make your kids’ look so scary and creepy. To further fine-tune and emphasize their look, you can gift them face paint.

For example, here’s an oil-based face paint set that contains white and black colors. It’s very much suitable for creating makeup for the joker, clown, skeleton face, spider web, vampire, zombie, and ghostly look. Made with super smooth and superior quality material, this face paint will be perfect for fun-themed Halloween parties.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a fun and creepy look for your kids with these ten best Halloween Symbol-inspired costumes and matching face paints.

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