The Top 16 Hen Party Games

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

So you’re getting married soon, and just before you walk down the aisle, your girls have organized the best hen party ever, and you know that for a fact this is undoubtedly going to be a night to remember. The booze is here, and so are your best girls, and now it’s time to play some fantastic games. Out of all the games available, we’ve rounded up the best ones that are laughter-inducing and are sure to keep those drinks flowing! So if you are looking for some funny hen party games, then you have come to the right place.

Prosecco Pong for Hen Party

First up, we have one of our favorite hen party drinking games, Prosecco Pong! This one is definitely for the ladies! Just like the traditional beer pong game, all you need to do is fill the glasses up with your fave bubbly, and they have to be half full. Now grab a ping pong ball and take turns to aim the ball towards the cup of the opposing team. If you nail it, any person from the opposing team needs to down the drink!

Prosecco Pong? Love it!

Mr. & Mrs. Quiz

When it comes to hen party game ideas, this one has been a popular choice for quite some time now. A hen party is never complete without playing a round of the famous MR. & MRS. Quiz game. The rules are simple to understand, which involve questions regarding the couple to be married that helps to break the ice and reveal some fun and interesting facts about them. Simply list down the questions regarding the bride’s better half to be and get some juicy info out of her! Be careful though, we don’t want the bride having a realisation that she is with the wrong man and calling the wedding off, so make sure to keep it fun and not too serious!

Would she rather

As you guessed by the name, “would she rather?” is a hen party game about the bride and how well her girls know her. Be ready to get surprised by some of the answers, as they can be very unexpected and fun. To play, all you have to do is give the bride a list of questions with options to choose from. She’ll mark her choices, and each member will also be provided that list to select answers. When they’re finished, they’ll be allotted 5 minutes to check their answers. The members will mark each correct answer, and the one with the most correct answers wins!

Dare cards

Remember the old-fashioned truth or dare game when we all secretly wanted to choose some daredevil tasks but were too shy? Yup, this game is no truth but only has dares! You could do the classic pass the parcel game with music on. All the members participating have to “pass the parcel” one by one until the music stops. Whoever is holding the parcel would be given a fun dare, and they have to do it. If not, then they have to drink!

So fun, right?

Trivia Quiz

This game is a good one. After all the waves of laughter, tears, and experiences that you have had with your girls, now it’s time that you will have a new person in your life, and the bride better test their knowledge about herself to know how well do they know her! There will be a set of questions asked to play, and the person who gives the most correct answers approved by the bride, of course, wins this game! Everyone needs to pull their socks up for this one! 😉

Never have I ever

Oooh! Another cool game! This one is probably the most common and the most fun! As you can tell by the name, NEVER HAVE I EVER; the members of the hen party participating in this game will be handed two placards(just DIY them). One would read I HAVE and the other I HAVE NOT. A set of questions will be asked, and the person whos being asked needs to raise the placards either I HAVE or HAVE NOT. This game turns out to be hilarious and surprising.

Pin the ring on the bridge

This is probably that one game that you’ll be playing all party long! The traditional “pin the tail on the donkey” has gotten a new and improved version specifically for a hen party! All participants need to try to stick their sticker, which is a ring, obviously, as close to the target as possible while being blindfolded, after being spun around three times! With all the booze and then spinning around three times, good luck with finding the target ladies!

Shot wall drinking game

For this one, get your shot glasses ready as you’re about to down some bubbly asap! If you’re a fan of arcades, you’ll experience a similar gaming experience but with booze! This game is perfect for testing your luck to decide who will drink by sending the tokens (included in the game box) going down the game wall! This game is both fun and entertaining!

Toilet paper couture

An action-packed game that involves toilet paper! Who would have thought of that! 😀 to play, the members or participants in this game will be handed toilet paper rolls and will be given a time limit to carry out the task of dressing the bride by making a dress out of toilet paper! Take a big sip and become a designer! The one who dresses the bride the best, in the shortest amount of time, wins!

Drinking tumble tower

A game that will make you go loco! It’s a building blocks game similar to Jenga wait! These blocks come with crazy instructions! Each participant will be asked to remove a block carefully from a fully stacked block tower, and once they remove the block, they need to flip it over and follow whatever instructions are written on it!

Fun Hen Party Twerk pong game

If you feel like you’ve got a Kardashian behind after a few drinks and want to put it to use in one of the hen parties, then read on! Just like the beer pong game, all the cups will be half-filled with alcohol, and if you score, you can ask one of the members of the opposite team to shake their booty and twerk! 😀

Go on; feel like CARDI B tonight!

Dress the bride

Let your inner VERSACE out! This game is fun and entertaining at all times! Like the toilet paper couture, two opposing teams will be handed materials like plastic bags and will take turns to dress the bride. Whoever makes the best dress wins!

Hen Party EMOJI game

If you grew up playing Pictionary, this one is a similar concept! Participants will be shown different emojis and need to accurately decipher the words or build up sentences using ONLY emojis! The participants must correctly interpret the wedding words and phrases! And the one with the most correct guesses wins! Think you can handle this? Try with a few drinks down! 😉

What am I?

A guessing game that ensures endless giggles! You’ll get to know how each of your girls’ brains works and how they interpret different things by playing this game. You can either write your own riddles or purchase cards that have riddles with the most confusing answers ever! Get ready for some surprising answers for this one!

Kiss the stud game

A naughty version of the pin the tail on the donkey game; this one is a must for a fun hen party! Hang a poster of a hottie, blindfold each participant, and ask each of them to place a sticker which is obviously a kiss sticker, on the poster. Once the blindfold is off, the members will be surprised at which body part they landed their sticker on! 😉

Kisses for the Mrs.

One game that fits all, literally! It’s perfect for engagement parties, bridal showers, and even birthdays! All you need is a jar, filling it up with everyone’s favorite candies, and placing it on a table. Each participant will be told to come near the table and take a wild guess as to how many kisses are in that container. The person who makes the closest guess or an exact one will be taking home the sweet jar of kisses!

So there you have it 16 of the best hen party games around. If you are about to get married, then you might want to suggest some of these hen party games to your maid of honor, so that she can incorporate them into your hen do. If you are the maid of honor and have been looking for some funny hen party games, then be sure to take a few of these ideas and make the most of them. Heck, why not try to see if you can fit all these great games into one amazing hen party. Good luck, have fun, and remember … always drink responsibly!

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