Wedding Party Favors: 15 Pocket-friendly Gifts for Guests

Wedding party favors, Wedding Party Favors: 15 Pocket-friendly Gifts for Guests

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Want to make the wedding reception a major success? Do you wish to let the guests feel the essence of pure love and emotion of the newly married couples? If yes, it’s indeed a cool and nice idea to prepare unique wedding party favors for these premium guests. Smart, tangible, and useful party favors will let the guests physically feel, hold, and enjoy the love and joy of an epic wedding reception. So, get ready to delight your guests now! This time, we are gonna pick 15 pocket-friendly and elegant party favors to celebrate your wedding in style and extend a personalized treatment to the guests.

Criteria to pick the best wedding party favors

Now when it comes to picking the best wedding party favors, there are four factors to pay attention to. First of all, wedding reception party favors should be unique, good-looking, and elegant. Secondly, they must be easy to carry and easy to store (as it may be a destination wedding and better not to take up too much place for your guests to store the party favors).

Thirdly, wedding party favors should be useful enough (well, this is probably the one last thing you want to see in the recycle bin). And, finally, do not forget the price tag i.e. these party favors should be reasonably priced and budget-friendly.

Let’s now take a look at our top 15 pocket-friendly & elegant wedding party favors right away!

1) Wine Stoppers

If you are looking for unique and useful wedding party favors for guests, then here’s the most suitable pick for you! This beautiful heart-shaped stopper will represent the symbol of your love and emotion. Being a must-have household item, it’s made of durable zinc alloy and a 100% food-grade silicone rubber seal. Its conical design and silicone sealer have made the bottle stopper more flexible and easy to use. It can be an eye-catching decorative piece as well.

2) Heart Shape Tea Infusers

Do you wish to delight the wedding guests with a perfect wedding favor? If so, then these heart-shaped tea infusers can be worth your attention. Each pack includes thirty pieces of heart-shaped tea infusers, made of environmentally friendly alloy material. These items do not contain chemical substances and odors. It even has an ultra-fine sieve to gently infuse tea/coffee into the liquid.

3) Infinity Love Forever Bottle Opener

Excellent wedding party favors cheap items like these bottle openers feature excellent workmanship. They are made of sturdy zinc alloy material with sliver plating treatment. The material is eco-friendly. What’s more, these bottle openers come with the “Love Forever” tag, to represent the love and romanticism between married couples. Each pack includes sixteen bottle openers, can be used as a necessary daily tool in the kitchen/bar.

4) Cactus Candle

These super cute succulent party favors are absolutely marvelous. Made with good quality paraffin wax, each of these cactus candles can burn steadily for around 4 to 5 hours. Also, it does not emit any black, acrid smoke. What’s more, these candles will add a soothing aroma and create a relaxing ambiance to your room. Every bride and groom will love these amazing succulent candles as a top-notch party favor to their esteemed guests. Each pack includes twelve such candles.

5) Cell phone ring holder

To celebrate your wedding day and reception in style, let’s introduce some excellent party favors like this special cell phone ring holder. It imitates the look of an actual wedding ring. It’s sturdy and smooth and comes with a 360-degree rotation feature. It can perfectly fit any flat and non-textured surface. It aims to prevent your phone from accidental dropping & reduces the risk of theft. Each pack includes four cell phone ring folders.

6) Mini Chinese silk pouch

These party favor bags are perfect for themed weddings. Each pack includes thirty pieces of mini Chinese silk pouches. These elegant pouches can store jewelry, coin, and all necessary belongings. They feature meticulous manual work, brocade flower patterns, and spun yarn fabrics lining. They have a zipper and snap fastener for double protection.

7) Rose Lace Floral Folding Hand Fans

These royal, Chinese hand fans are very exquisite. They are ideal for celebrating your special day in a special way. You will get thirty pieces of rose lace hand fans in each pack. The material quality is the best in this range, features the milky white color, comes with a plastic holder, and looks very delicate. These folding hand fans can be one of the best gifts for your esteemed guests.

8) Scented candles in glass

To make your big day even more delightful for your guests, you can add these scented candles as party favors. These scented candles are available in six fragrance options, such as Spring, Red Rose, Lemon, Lavender, Vanilla, and Jasmine. The candle set includes 12 packs of mini colorful candles, made of high-quality soy wax, essential oil, and edible pigments. Note, each candle will have approximately 10-15 hours of continuous burn time.

9) Hand cream for destination weddings

Hand cream party favors are perfect for destination weddings. Each package has a set of fifteen natural plants fragrances hand creams like green tea, shea butter, honey, rose, avocado, blueberry, milk, cherry blossom, moringa, and gardenia. These are deeply hydrating and moisturizing hand creams. They will make the skin silky-soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Note, these hand creams feature cruelty-free, non-greasy formulas and work well for all skin types.

10) Cupcake Lip Gloss

Cupcake lip glosses are a cute and interesting gift. Each pack includes a set of twelve assorted cupcake lip glosses. These lip gloss products have a lovely design. Plus, they are easy to use too! Just flip the top and you will be ready to use the balm.

11) Mason Jar filled with candy

These personalizable mason jar candy containers are another wonderful and pocket-friendly gift option for wedding guests. These jars can be used for storing anything from milk to magic spells. These fuss-free, crystal clear, and durable mason jars are a perfect decorative piece too.

12) Compass Pendant

For Rustic Wedding Favors gift options, this compass pendant will be a perfect recommendation. It delivers great vintage decoration looks. The product comprises 50 pieces of compasses, 50 pieces of blank tag cards, 50 pieces of little boxes, and 50 pieces of jute twine for hanging. These are made of high quality Aluminum alloy, kraft paper, and hemp rope.

13) Sunflower soap

Sweetly scented sunflower soaps are one of the cheapest as well as the best wedding party favors. Each of them is packed in a small, beautifully detailed gift box. Along with the gift box, a satin ribbon and bow are provided too. Every pack has twelve sunflower-style aromatic soaps.

14) Rose gold crown key bottle opener

Rose gold color has been a new fashion trend. The best part is that you can now get some cool and handy bottle openers in rose gold color. There are three style options available, such as rose, crown, and heart. You will get thirty pieces of rose gold skeleton key bottle opener wedding favors in every pack. Note, they are made of premium quality zinc alloy material.

15) Wedding Coloring Book for kids

Till now, we have revealed so many wedding party favor ideas for adult guests. But, what about the kids? Of course, we will have many kid guests at wedding reception parties. So, it’s high time to keep them entertained, delighted, and happy.

Here’s an innovative idea for children’s wedding favors party bags. The pack has twelve activity pads and crayons – ideal for kids and youngsters. Let them play around with their creativity with these coloring books.

So far, you have unveiled 15 cute and elegant wedding reception party favors for your guests. These stylish party favor items do not necessarily have an exorbitant price. In fact, the price is really reasonable and pocket-friendly.

Each of these gift items will favor your guests in a pleasant and delightful way. Starting from aromatic soap and succulent candles to hand fans and children coloring books, we have provided you a diverse range of options.

So, grab the right pick, delight your guests, and celebrate your big day in a grand way!

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