Whale Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

whale themed birthday party ideas, Whale Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Whales are some of our favorite creatures! We just love them, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re the largest ocean creatures, are highly intelligent, and spray water out of their blowholes like giant water guns whenever they break the surface of the waves to breathe! Seriously, they’re impressive, and it’s no wonder kids love them too. So, in today’s post we’ll give you all the ideas you need to throw a whale themed party for your kid’s birthday! Whilst today we’ll be focusing on the birthday party elements, you can also use this theme for baby showers, and gender reveal parties etc. Basically, look at today’s post as a jumping off point for whale themed party ideas, before adapting our ideas to suit your needs! However you throw this party though, it’ll be sure to make a splash!

Whale Birthday Party Invitation

Let’s kick things off with your invitation as the first whale themed birthday party ideas, shall we? Using a beautiful, fun whale themed birthday party invitation is a must here to let your kid’s friends and family know about the party theme. Something fun, with a stylized whale and showing their size and the fun way they splash around in the water is perfect to let the guests know how fun this party is going to be!

Whale Party Decorations

Now that the invitations are all out, it’s time to get your party venue ready for the big day. You already know where we’re going with this one, right? Underwater world, lots of whales, and the color blue everywhere. Yep, we’re already on the same page! Let me introduce a lot of amazing whale party decorations to you right now.

Under The Sea Party Backdrop 

Yes, today’s whale themed birthday party ideas focus is really on the whales, but if you want to help the kids feel like they’re really under the sea, then you’re going to need a party backdrop that showcases the whales AND all their friends. With this under the sea backdrop you have it all – sharks, dolphins, whales, and a whole underwater birthday world just waiting to be explored! 

Hanging Fish Net 

A great way to recreate the feeling of being underwater at your party venue is by hanging a fish net on your roof. It makes it look as though everybody inside is swimming in the ocean whilst humans from the world above your underwater party try to fish. Not only does the hanging fish net look great and add to the party atmosphere, but you can also use it to help hold up some blue and white latex balloons to make it look like water above your head too. 

Blue Balloons 

Speaking of balloons, you’ll need some more blue balloons dotted around the party venue to create that underwater feel the kids will love. You don’t need to go overboard, but a few different shades of blue balloons here and there can make it look like air bubbles under the sea, so not only do they put the party in whale themed party, but they also add to the underwater theme too! 

Whale Foil Balloons 

And of course, we need to introduce the main characters themselves, right? This is a whale themed party, after all, so we’re going to need some whales! Place 1 or 2 whale foil balloons around the party to make it look like whales are swimming through the ocean with the kids. Better yet, kids can interact and play with these beautiful whale balloons too, so it becomes a party game as well as a party decoration. 

Whale Neon Light Decor 

Every good party needs some lighting to make it feel truly special, and this whale neon light decor piece ticks all the right boxes! This simple neon light in the shape of a whale is perfect to place by the entrance to your party to welcome your guests, or else simply place it by the dessert table to add a touch of underwater glow to the food to make everything even more exciting! 

3D Whale Illusion Night Light 

Not enough lighting? Of course there’s not, you can never have too much lighting at a party! So we’ve found this amazing 3D whale illusion night light to be placed in the middle of the party table. This makes for one heck of a party table centerpiece, as it literally feels like the whale is swimming around in front of the kids’ eyes! How exciting is that?!

Blue Whale Garland Party Decoration

Just to add a touch of classic party décor to the proceedings, why not hang some blue whale garland around the venue? These fun designs will certainly get everybody in the party spirit, and the bright colors will catch every child’s eye as they run through the party venue, making it look like there are whales swimming around with them! 

Whale Themed Party Games And Activities

Finding the perfect whale themed party games and activities for this party was not difficult for us. Since we’re as obsessed with whales and party games as most children are, this didn’t even feel like work. So heres everything we’d – *ahem* excuse us – the kids would love to play whilst at a whale themed party!

Splashy The Whale Action Game 

Splashy The Whale is a little bit mischievous. You see, he’s got a bunch of objects in his mouth that shouldn’t be there, and he needs your help to get them out. The only problem is, when you’re fishing for the objects using your fishing line, his tongue gets ticklish. And when that happens – well, Splashy gets splashy! 

This game is so much fun for kids, and the anticipation of wondering when Splashy is going to squirt water again is thrilling by itself, and when he squirts, it’s always hilarious! But don’t worry, this won’t soak the kids as they play, it just splashes them a little for maximum fun! Kids just take it in turns trying to fish an object out of Splashy’s mouth. If they succeed, they keep it. If Splashy squirts them, though, they’re out of the game. The winner is the last dry kid, or the one with the most objects at the end of the game. Simple, but a whole lot of fun! 

Whale Bubbles

We’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like bubbles, so a whale bubble machine is perfect for kids to chase around for hours on end. Just set up this whale bubble machine, switch it on, and leave the kids to play together, chasing bubbles, just like whales do when they’re playing together. If you want to get a game that’s easy to set up and will keep the kids quiet for hours, then this is the perfect way to go!

Classic Fishing Game

This classic fishing game is perfect for little ones and adults alike! It’s simple really, you choose your color and you try to catch your fish using a steady hand and a fishing line. The first person to capture all their correctly colored fish at the end of the game is the winner! This is another simple game, but one that the kids will just love!

Whale Themed Birthday Party Ideas: Make the Party Food looks great

Whale theme party food doesn’t have to be complex. You know by now that we always recommend serving simple finger food at kids’ parties because they’re crowd pleasers. But to make things extra special, you can always throw in a few whale themed touches. And today, we have 3 simple ideas for you that will take your party food from good to out of this underwater world! 

Whale Cookies 

whale themed birthday party ideas, Whale Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

If you want to make whale cookies, then you’ll need some whale cookie cutters to get the shape perfect. Then all you need to do is bake your cookies like usual. You can either just leave them in the shape of the whale, or use some blue frosting, fondant, or icing to create a delicious-looking whale snack! The kids will love this, and with a cookie cutter, it’s so easy to do! 

Whale Cake Topper 

Of course, today is all about the birthday boy or girl and their love for whales, so to give the birthday cake an extra fun twist, why not buy a whale cake topper to make it look even more special! Bring some of the whales’ friends along too, to create a cake that celebrates everybody in the underwater world! Trust us, this cake topper will blow your kid’s mind! 

Blue Baby Whale Paper Plates

It isn’t all about the food you serve, but how you serve it. So pick up some of these blue baby whale paper plates to limit the washing up at the party, and to help tie the whole thing together. A slice of pizza is just a slice of pizza until you put it on a whale paper plate, and then it becomes an underwater pizza, and that’s pretty exciting for any kid! 

Whale Birthday Party Favors

To finish, we couldn’t just leave the guests empty handed – not when you’ve worked so hard to create a memorable whale themed party. So, hand out some whale themed party favors to help all the guests remember what an awesome time they had!

Pink Whale Fidget Toy 

Fidgets are about the best things you can buy kids right now – they just love them! And of all the fidget toys available, the most fun for kids (and least annoying for adults) are Pop-Its! Kids just sit and pop through the bubbles and then flip it over and pop them back again. Doesn’t sound particularly riveting to us adults, granted, but trust us, this pink whale fidget toy will be every kid’s new favorite when they get them home! 

Whale Pen 

Giving something practical in a party favor is always a good idea. Why? Well, because a gift like a whale pen is something a kid is always going to need, and that means they’ll use it all the time. It might not seem like a special gift to you, but when the kids are all sitting doing their homework using their new whale pen, they’ll think of you and the amazing party you threw for your kid and all their friends! 

Killer Whale Mini Plush Toy 

No party favor bag is complete without a cute plush cuddly toy, and today’s suggestion is this adorable killer whale mini plush toy. Sure, they’re called killer whales, but kids have a funny way of looking past that to admire their cuteness, meaning your killer whale toy will quickly become one of their favorites at home! 

Whale Drawstring Gift Bag

You’ve got the fun, you’ve got the practical, and you’ve got the cuddly – what else are we missing? Oh yes! The gift bag itself, of course! So, to wrap up this beautiful party and all the beautiful party favor gifts, use this whale drawstring gift bag. Not only is it perfect for the kids to take home, but it’s so adorable we’re certain they’ll use them again. And when they do, they’ll remember an underwater adventure like no other! I hope you like these whale themed birthday party ideas and have a amazing party ahead.

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