What to put in a unicorn party favor bag?

Unicorn party favor bag filler

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you heading for a unicorn party? As you probably know that unicorn is a popular theme for girls’ birthday events. Rest assured that unicorn has a special symbolic meaning i.e. it indicates the following characteristics — magical power, pride, innocence, and purity. Unicorn always comes with colorful rainbows, which is even great! Now, if you are hosting a unicorn-themed party for girls, it’s always a good idea to prepare party favors for your esteemed guests. It will be a perfect way to send a sweet gesture for their attendance. To support this gesture, the hosts often put various gift items in a unicorn party bag for their guests.

12 inexpensive, adorable and useful unicorn party favor

You must be now wondering what you must put in a unicorn party bag. If yes, then please do not think twice as we have composed a total of 12 suggestions that are inexpensive, adorable, and useful. These gift items are most importantly suitable for girls. We assured you that girls will surely like these cute and extremely useful gift items and use them for day-to-day purposes.

1. Unicorn phone ring holder

This unicorn-designed phone ring holder is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a phone grip, a table kickstand, and a cable winder. It’s made of durable ABS, zinc alloy, and a very strong 3M adhesive. Rest assured that there won’t be any chances for accidental drops and slips. What’s more, this cell phone ring comes with a 360-degree rotation viewing angle feature. It’s compatible with the major cellphones brands including iPhones and Android phones. Moreover, it features a unicorn theme design.

2. Rainbow shower sponge

This rainbow shower sponge cum loofah is one of the best and most useful unicorn goodie bag fillers. To match the theme, it comes with a rainbow design pattern. It will help form a luxurious lather and remove all your dead skin cells and dirt. It’s made of soft and fast-drying mesh material. Each pack contains three rainbow shower sponges.

3. Rainbow bath bomb

Rainbow bath bombs are a trendy and cool gift option. In this case, this rainbow bath bomb will create a splash of colors in your bathtub. It is made of safe and gentle ingredients, completely paraben-free, perfect for women and kids, and does not cause any allergies. You can enjoy a great relaxing spa with this colorful bath bomb.

4. Unicorn hair brush

If you are looking for unicorn themed party favors gift items, then this hair brush will be worth your consideration. Made of ABS and rubber material, it’s very sturdy and durable. At the same time, the comb is so soft and comfortable that it will gently detangle hair, promote blood circulation, massage the scalp, and relieve stress. It comes with a foldable design and a glass mirror.

5. Unicorn head band

These cute unicorn head bands are perfect for everyone, starting from toddlers to young girls and adults. Each headband comes with shimmery gold and silver ears and colorful floral accents. It’s beautiful and firm. Each pack includes six headbands.

6. Unicorn Hair clip

Just like the unicorn headbands, this is another perfect hair accessory for unicorn parties. Each pack includes a total of six unicorn design hair snap clips. These clips are purely handmade and feature a supreme quality. These are unique and inexpensive options for unicorn party favor gifts.

7. Unicorn hair ties

Not sure what you should put in unicorn goodie bags? No problem! This is a perfect recommendation for you! This product includes 20 pieces of mini hair rope for kids as well as 6 pieces (3 pairs) of unicorn elastic hair rope. Each of them is made of stretch elastics. They are definitely sturdy and durable, perfect for making ponytails, and they look so cute on hair.

8. Unicorn nail sticker

If your guests are nail lovers, then this gift will be so much suitable for them. Each pack includes six sheets of unicorn self-adhesive nail art stickers. These stickers are very easy to use. All you will need to peel it off with tweezers, gently apply it on nails, and finish up by applying a primer or nail polish. These manicure accessories are exquisite yet inexpensive.

9. Unicorn coin purse

These unicorn coin purses will be the ultimate gift option that your female guests will always cherish. What’s more, these coin purses are available in a rainbow theme. For example, the available shade options include pink, blue, purple, green, and white. These are super soft and fluffy! Moreover, these purses are amazingly cute. This is definitely a good choice as unicorn party favor.

10. Unicorn Lip Balm

These adorable, unicorn-shaped lip balms have high moisturizing power. These lip balms offer a soft shine and prevent the issues of dry, chapped, and cracked lips. Not only these lip balms will keep your lip smooth, moisturized, soft, and protected, but also their cute packaging is unique for sure! To be more precise, the packaging of these lip balms features a unicorn shape, which is very cute.

11. Unicorn Pen

For universal and versatile unicorn goodie bag fillers, please feel free to use this unicorn pen set. Each pack consists of six pens in different color options. Each of them features the unicorn theme. Note, the pens are made of 100% safe quality materials and equipped with good-performance neutral ink.

12. Unicorn Apron Chef Hat Set

This is a unicorn theme-based kids’ apron set. The set features both an apron and chef hat. The set is made of premium polyester fabric that is thick, durable, soft, lightweight, and easy to clean. Note, the apron has an adjustable neck strap and two front pockets.

3 beautiful Unicorn designed party favor bags

In the previous sections, you have revealed twelve nice and sweet unicorn-themed party favor gift items. You should further wrap these gift items with lovely unicorn theme party favor bags. Looking for some recommendations?

No worries as we have already picked the three best unicorn party bags for you.

1. Unicorn Drawstring Party Favor Bags

These cute unicorn drawstring bags are meant for unicorn favor parties and events. Each pack includes 12 unicorn goodie bags. These bags are suitable for kids’ and adults’ everyday use. The materials are high quality, waterproof, non-toxic, non-odor, and non-woven fabrics

2. Reusable Rainbow Unicorn Gift Bags

For your adorable unicorn party events, these tote cum goodie bags will be another ideal choice. Each pack includes twenty such bags in various color options. These bags are fun, cute, and unique. They are made of high quality, non-woven fabric, come with durable handles, are easy to carry and portable, have a stunning finish.

3. Unicorn Printed Burlap Bags

Each pack includes 12 pieces of unicorn linen jute pouch bags in six various style options. In addition, these bags are beautiful, delicate, and so lovely. They are available in bright color options. Moreover, they are made of durable and breathable material.

With this, you have revealed twelve inexpensive, useful, and adorable fillers for unicorn parties. Also, you have even found out three stylish and unique unicorn goodie bags as well.

So, what are you thinking so much now? Grab your pick and get set to host a unicorn party for girls today, the price of these unicorn party favors are cheap but definitely a wise a good choice.

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