Yummy Donut Theme Party Ideas: A Sweet Treat This Year

donut theme party ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

As the great man himself once said, ‘Mmm… Donuts!’. We are, of course, talking about Homer Simpson, because he gets our love of donuts like nobody else can. And if you’ve clicked on this post today, then we’re guessing you’re a donut lover too. So first let us introduce you to the club, and second let us guide you through some donut theme party ideas that cover everything from the party food table (littered in donuts, obviously) right the way through to some amazing donut themed decorations too. Ready to find out more? Well, we hope you’ve brought your sweet tooth along because this is going to be delicious! 

How to throw a donut theme party to impress your guests 

We love a donut theme party. Why? Because 1) it sounds delicious, and 2) it’s really creative. Our only problem is stopping ourselves from taking a bite of the donut party food too early. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it takes a lot of willpower to stop us from trying to take a bite out of the party decorations too… No, we’re not proud of that, but when the decorations looks this good, it’s hard not to want to try it to see if it tastes as good as it looks. Don’t judge us too harshly, either. We’re pretty certain by the time you’ve finished this post, you’ll want to eat donut decorations too.

But away from our donut obsession for a moment, let’s talk some more about the party itself. A donut themed party might leave you scratching your head, wondering when the right time is to throw it. And honestly, you can throw this party whenever you like. Whether it’s for a birthday, baby shower, valentines party – it really doesn’t matter. A donut themed party is one of those universal party themes that can be applied to any special occasion, and it’s guaranteed to impress! So, our guide today will be a little more generic than some of our other party posts, because we want you to use this no matter the reason for your celebration! Now, where should we kick off today’s post? Ah – the invitations, of course! 

Donut party invitations 

There’s no better way to tell your guests about your donut themed party than with a donut, right? And no, we’re not talking about a real donut, but some donut invitations instead. They’re fun, get the point across, and even have a bite missing. And we can neither confirm nor deny if that was us… Party decorations and party invitations aren’t so different after all, and when they look this good, well, who could blame someone for taking a bite?

Donut party decorating ideas 

Now, on to the decorations. You might think we’d struggle to find amazing donut themed party ideas when looking for decorations, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We struggled with not going overboard and turning the entire party venue into a donut factory! So, here are our (somewhat) scaled back donut party decorating ideas that’ll get your theme across in the sweetest way possible. 

Donut Backdrop 

A beautiful donut backdrop gives guests the chance to pose in a world filled with sweet treats, bright colors, and delicious looking food. They basically get to step into a dream world, take a bunch of pictures, and then share them with their friends on social media. What’s not to love about that? 

Donut and Sweet Treat Balloons 

You mix something sweet like donuts with something wonderful like balloons and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. That’s why we HAD to recommend these donut shaped foil balloons and their friends ‘Mrs. Ice Cream’, ‘Mr. Popcorn’ and ‘Ms. Candy’ because we love the lot of them. A donut party doesn’t just have to stick to donuts. Sweet treats of all kinds are welcome here, because it helps create an exciting party atmosphere that every guest will love. Sure, we don’t understand why someone would prefer ice cream to donuts, but if they do, then at least you’ve got them covered with some amazing themed decor that suits their tastes too! 

Heart-shaped Balloons 

Anybody who reads this blog knows we’re obsessed with balloons. Some might use the word addiction to describe our love of balloons, but hey, what’s a little balloon addiction between friends, right? These heart-shaped pastel balloons are the perfect addition to the party décor because it breaks up the food theme, but keeps all the sweet! These would be especially great at valentines day, but really these sweet balloons are just the perfect combination with all the sweet treats, no matter the occasion. It is definitely a very heart-moving donut theme party ideas.

Sprinkle Donut Lanterns 

Hanging sprinkle donut lanterns are the perfect way to decorate the space behind your dessert table. The beautiful lanterns along with the white, pinks, and honeycomb shaped paper fans are a great way to grab your guests’ attention, and when they come over to admire the décor some more… hey presto, there’s a dessert table stacked high with the real things! Of course, this also stops your guests from trying to take a bite out of the hanging donut sprinkle lanterns, because the actual, edible donuts distract people like us instead! 

Donut Garland 

Another great option if you’re celebrating your birthday is a donut garland. This is a lovely way of showing off the reason for your celebration whilst still sticking to the party theme.

Donut Theme Birthday Party High Chair Tutu 

One last decoration idea before we move on to the good stuff (yes, the party food, and yes, we’ll be talking A LOT about donuts). This donut theme birthday high chair tutu is perfect for your little one as they celebrate their first birthday. A donut theme for kids at this age is perfect because all the pastel colors are so beautiful and the sweet treat theme works brilliantly to celebrate your sweet little one’s big birthday!

Donut Theme Party Food Table Ideas

What do you serve at a donut party? 

Now we’re talking! If you’re wondering what to serve at a donut themed party, then we’re here to help. Of course, donuts are going to be the dominant theme, but think about how you might serve them in different sizes, or in different ways, such as donut kabobs or donut walls for guests to pick out and enjoy. But let’s also remember that not every guest is as in love with donuts as all of us are, so some other treats should be available too. Ice cream, hot chocolate, cupcakes, candy, fruit – you get the idea. We’re not planning on sharing any recipes in this post, so you’ll have to do some research for that yourself, but we will tell you how to decorate the party table to create a buzz around all those delicious desserts! 

Donut Themed Table Cover 

Of course, there’s only one option for your table cover, and that’s a donut themed one. Sure, your party table will be covered in the real things, but we have a very simple philosophy in life, and that’s that there can never be too many donuts. Live by that saying and you’ll have a joyful life, trust us! So yes, a donut themed table cover dotted with different delicious looking donuts and then covered in the real things on the party table is our idea of perfection, and we’re certain you and your guests will agree! 

Rainbow Donut Wall 

A donut wall, for us, is the prime example of genius. You can keep your Einstein’s and your Edison’s. We want to meet the person who came up with donut walls. Sticking your food to a wall so guests can grab it is the best idea we’d ever heard. Until we came across this rainbow donut wall. Hello?! You get to grab your donuts from a rainbow. It’s like eating donuts from right out of the sky! If that doesn’t excite you, we’re not sure what else will! 

Donut Stands 

When you’re serving your donuts, you’ll need some donut stands to help display them. Just grab your ring donuts and drop them down the middle of these spikes. And Voila, a tower of donuts for your viewing and tasting pleasure. There’s really no better way to present your donuts to your guests because they look great, so it’s like an added piece of décor with your food!

Donut Candles 

Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about your birthday cake if you’re celebrating your birthday with this party theme! You’ll need donut candles, that’s a given, but we also have to be responsible and add in a warning… Don’t eat the candles. We know the idea of a flaming donut is pretty tempting, but these aren’t for eating we’re afraid – they’re just there to make your cake look even more special! 

White Peg Board with Gold Letters ‘Grab a Donut’

A donut party table centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated. Just use this white peg board with gold letters to leave a message to your guests. ‘Grab a donut’ is all we need to hear to jump right in and start tasting all that delicious goodness, and your guests will be the same. Not only does it look great, but it’s a very sweet invitation to your guests to tell them to enjoy the food! 

Donut Birthday Party Games and Fun Ideas

We couldn’t leave you today without giving you some donut themed fun in the form of party games and other party ideas. After all, a party isn’t a party without fun – not even a donut party. Without these games and fun ideas, you’ve essentially just invited a bunch of people to your house to eat donuts, which we don’t object to, of course, but this is a donut themed party after all! So, let’s try out some of these ideas below to make it an even more memorable event.

Dress-Up to be a ‘Performing Donut’

Hello parents, it’s us again. Yes, we know you’re probably still a little angry about our suggestion to dress up as a clown a few articles back for our backyard carnival party, but we’d like to make amends. Unfortunately, those amends are going to have to wait a little while, because we have another dress up suggestion for you. Yes, we’d like you to dress as a giant donut. We also know we probably ought to apologize, but come on – a giant performing donut at a donut party! We’re sorry, but we support that whole-heartedly! You can sing, dance, do magic tricks – whatever you like, the kids will already love it because you’re dressed as a donut. Sorry, not sorry… 

Donut Headbands 

Of course, it shouldn’t just be the parents that get all the dressing up fun, so how about some donut headbands for the kids? Two donuts on top, like Mickey Mouse’s ears – what kid wouldn’t enjoy that? It’s sweet, and it makes taking part in all the following fun activities even more enjoyable!

Donut Piñata 

OK, picture the scene. A giant pink donut with white icing and sprinkles hangs above you. You have a pinata stick, and when you eventually break open the donut piñata, candy rains down on you from the sky. Yep, that’s what we’re trying to recreate for the kids at the party with this donut pinata! It looks great, it’s really fun, and it’s a sweet treat that delivers even more sweet treats. That’s mind boggling for us adults, so imagine what it’s like for the kids! 

Donut String 

The donut string party game is simple to put together. Just tie a bunch of donuts together on a string and have all the participants in the game bite at the same time to see who can finish their donut the fastest. This is great because it can be a team game (with a bunch of donuts tied together) or a solo game, where participants have to eat a whole donut on a string with their hands behind their backs. This one will provide A LOT of laughter at the party, no matter the age of the guests.

Donut Grabbing Party Card Game

For our last suggestion, we have a donut grabbing party card game. Sounds complicated, but believe us, it’s not. Just deal out some cards to each player, color side down. Then go around the group and flip your top card over. When three of the same colored donuts are showing, grab the correct colored donut in the middle of the table. The losers then have to take the winner’s cards that were in play. The first one to win is the person who gets rid of all their cards first, and they’re granted the title of head baker! This game is so much fun for people of all ages, and it’s the perfect way to end our donut themed party ideas post today. 

Donuts are all about sharing delicious treats and fun with your loved ones, and so is a donut themed party – so gather your loved ones, have huge amounts of fun, and most important of all, enjoy those donuts! 

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