The Complete Glow in the Dark Party Guide: Let’s Glow

glow party, The Complete Glow in the Dark Party Guide: Let’s Glow

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you interested in a glow party? Do you want to host one and entertain all your guests with creative ideas? If yes, you are in the right place. A glow party can be exciting and entertaining when done with planning. As you will be arranging a party, you will have to take care of everything. You will have to focus on the decoration, food, outfits, dance floor, and lights. However, you will have to think differently. You can organize a neon glow party in a dark environment and use black lights for illumination. It will be a completely different experience. Teens will have a lot of fun, and they will try to stand out with some impressive outfits. The objective is to glow in the darkness, and you should know how to do it right.

In the following, we will answer all your queries related to a glow or neon theme party. We will cover the decoration requirements, foods, and outfits. Keep reading to make your neon party imposing and admiring.

What Is a Glow Party?

The answer hides in the question itself. Glow party is all about creating a glowing environment in the dark. It sounds exciting, right? Yes, you will find it thrilling and full of fun. The best part is that you can arrange a glow party for all age groups. You can plan the party decorations and outfits according to the age group.

Have you ever thought about that you do not need to wait for the night to organize a glow party. You can do it in the daytime. But make sure that the windows are covered. In brief, you will need a completely dark environment for a glow party. Therefore, you will have to use black lights and some glowing decorations. Yes, a glow stick party should look like everything is glowing. You can wear glow outfits and decorate the party with stickers and papers to create a proper party environment. You will have to arrange, like a regular party. But the difference is that everything needs to glow in a glow party.

What Do I Need for a Glow Neon Party?

UV Black Light Blub

The first thing that should come to your mind is UV black light bulbs. As stated earlier, a glow party is a decorative and black light party. You cannot organize a glow party without having black light bulbs. These bulbs will bring glow in your dark party and make the part setting visually spectacular. You can consider using UV black light bulbs with neon-colored decorations. Some black lights are specifically designed for glow parties. If you use them, your glow decorations will look well from all angles. These lights can stick to your wall with adhesives. Therefore, you can easily set them wherever you want. Also, these lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and more powerful. The best part is that these lights are reusable, and you can use them at all your parties. 

Glow Stick

You can also use some glow sticks. They can glow in the dark. Also, you will need some food arrangements that can complement your neon theme party. Anything of neon color can glow in the dark. You can hang streamers from your ceiling fan. Also, you can use floating glow balls. The glowing beach balls can create an impression of floating glow spheres. You can hang them from the tent, ceiling, or any other possible place. If it is an outdoor glow party, you can float them on your swimming pool surface. They will look amazing and can create a beautiful environment.

How to Decorate a Glow Party?

As stated earlier, the objective of a glow party is to make everything glow. Therefore, you will have to focus on glowing decorations. You can use a fluorescent backdrop, banners, stickers, LED Light Up Bobo Balloons, and a neon party decoration set. All are available online, and you can easily have any of these decorations without hurting your budget. The decorative supplies will come in a package and can meet all your decoration needs.

Yes, you can consider neon-colored decorations to glow in black lights. These decorations can transform the look of your party with a visual effect. Most of the neon party decorations are rich in color. The bright and fluorescent colors can grab the attention. They will not only create a party effect, but these decorations will also have a dance floor for your guests. Guests can dance and enjoy the party to the fullest. If you have kids at your party, you should add Bobo balloons. They will love the environment. In brief, you can have something in your decoration to inspire all your guests.

Some party supplies are versatile, and you can use them for both indoor and outdoor glow parties. You can check the materials, designs, and colors to find the most appropriate supplies for your glow party. However, you will have to ensure that you have fluorescent backdrops, glowing stickers, and other glowing decorative supplies to create an impressive setting. You will have to be a bit innovative while choosing decorative items. 

What Do You Wear at a Neon Glow Party?

Now we will cover the most important thing that is what to wear. From the above, you might have an idea about the outfits. You will attend a glow party that will be arranged in a dark setting. There will be black lights and many glowing decorations. Just imagine which outfit will make you stand out. Yes, you are right. You can wear some glowing outfits. What do you mean by glowing here?

You can choose neon-colored and white fabrics. Both these colors will glow in black lights. With brighter colors, you can glow more. In addition to both these colors, you can consider pink, yellow, and orange. Yes, all these colors will glow in black lights. Some people also prefer red, blue, and purple. These colors will look bold. You can choose any of these colors based on your preferences.

Once you enter the party, you will notice that all guests have chosen the same outfits. They have done their research on glow party outfits. They know that neon, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and white can glow in dark lights. If you wear the same, you will not make a difference. But there is no other way. What will you do then? You can be a bit creative, and you can add a few accessories and other things. Yes, you can consider using glow stick glasses, UV glow neon face and body pain, dark temporary tattoo stickers, and glowing hair bands or hairpieces. 

Also, paints will look excellent, and you will glow at the party. You will have to paint your body and face. A glowing hairband and temporary stickers will give you the desired recognition at your party. If you are organizing the party, you can tell your guests to wear proper outfits and glowing accessories. You can share your party theme with your guests, and they will follow it.

What Food Glow in the Dark?

Your party will be incomplete without food. Also, you will have to take extra care while choosing foods for a neon glow party. Yes, you will have to consider glowing foods. Everything should glow in your glow party, and your food is not an exception. You can have some glowing desserts! Are you a bit confused? If yes, you can have a look at the following. 

You will have to choose some delicious and easy glow party recipes. You can light up your party with food. Yes, it is possible, and you will have to be a bit creative. You can choose black candy. Moreover, you can get your favorite frosting, and now you can add black food color to it. You can follow the same for most of your party foods.

Another great idea is to have frosted items that include cupcakes and cakes, and you can use black food coloring. For donuts, strawberries, and pretzels, you can find the darkest chocolate color. Next, you will have to focus on glowing decorations. You can glow your snacks or desserts by mixing white frosting.

glow party

You will find different types of powders or glowing products to glow your foods in the glow party. Most of them are safe and easy to use. You can follow the instructions carefully to avoid any confusion. Mix food coloring products to get glue-like consistency, and then you can use a paintbrush to make your food colorful. There are many ways to do this, and you can check the instructions to do it effortlessly and safely. 

What To Do at a Neon Night Party?

What will you do at a party? It is important trying to create an entertaining environment for all your guests, right? You can do the same thing at your glow party but differently and more impressively. For example, you can get decorative supplies to create a dance floor for your guests. You can also use fluorescent papers for the same purpose. Also, you can plan for some games that include a tumble tower to entertain your guests. These things are available and budget-friendly. You can have them at your parties to create a better entertaining environment.

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