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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Hot Dog Party: A fun party theme fitting any celebrations

A hot dog bar party is a perfect way to connect with friends and family. Whether it’s a birthday party or a casual cookout, a hot dog party is a fun event that can perfectly fit any occasion. But what exactly do you need for a hot dog bar party? In this article, we have presented all the best ideas to help you set up a perfect food buffet for a hot dog party. Plus, we have included a creative list of all toppings, decorations, and menu items. And the best part? These ideas are great for teens, kids, or adults. 

Hot dog party invitation

One of the fascinating things about party events and entertainment is the guest list. And for any party, everyone wants to become a special person. So, an invitation is a better way to achieve the goal. 

Invitations are meant to set a stage for any parties unless you’re planning a mediocre party. They are the party’s introduction and can determine its theme and colors. 

Hot dog party food ideas

Setting up a hot dog party is now going to be easier than ever before. To make it more interesting, you only need to pick a list of ingredients to be combined by guests. Cook sausages on the grill and let the guests serve. Open a cold drink and enjoy all sorts of hot dog creations. 

The hot dog menus are the main attraction. Here are is a list of foods to include;

  • Hot dogs-these includes chicken sausage, all-beef franks, bacon-wrapped, among others. Serve bratwurst for extra fancy. 
  • Hot dog buns-potato rolls, standard hot dog buns, pretzel buns, anything
hot dog party food ideas
Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from Pixabay

Hot dog toppings

Are you wondering what to serve with hot dogs? Here is a list of toppings to get you started. The list we have provided contains garnishes, condiments, gourmets, and traditional toppings. Each has a unique taste and flavor that can complement your hot dog. 

  • Classic-these includes ketchup, yellow mustard, and a dill pickle spear. 
  • Chili dog-onions, hot dog chili, shredded cheddar, anything 
  • BBQ hot dog-slaw, barbeque sauce, diced onions
  • Fresh hot dog toppings-diced tomatoes, sliced limes, diced avocados, sliced cabbage, and many more
  • Beanie weenies-shredded cheddar, baked beans, bacon
  • Mexican style-tomato slices, corn relish, jalapeno, cilantro
  • Chicago style-tomato wedges, sauteed peppers, chopped onions
  • Philly style-brown mustard, sauteed onions, sauerkraut, shredded cheddars
  • Hawaiian style-pineapple junks, teriyaki sauce, jalapeno

What to serve with hot dogs at a party

Hot dogs are some of the iconic dishes to make. But what is the best thing to do with all the time you are free? Make a few side dishes. There are plenty of side dishes that go well with your hot dogs. But when it comes to the perfect pairing, stick to your favorites that just feel okay for your hot dogs. Round out your party with these simple pairings and summer side dishes. 

  • Zucchini fries-they are perfect for satisfying every guest’s cravings. 
  • Tomato salad with red onion-they makes an excellent side dish for smoky, savory hot dogs. 
  • Smoky Coleslaw-with a hint of spices from brown mustard, the side dish makes a perfect pairing that is delicious for your guests
  • Potato salad-it contains a creamy texture and naturally sweet flavor that goes pretty well with your hot dogs. 
  • Whole wheat pasta-serve along with tofu and cucumber for a special treat
  • Baked beans-adds a few special touches, making it a sweet weather meal.
  • Fried bacon-wrapped hot dog-they are perfect for keeping things simple with small children. They can easily turn an ordinary hot dog into a heavenly experience. 

Other simple sides for hot dogs include; 

  • Homemade chips
  • Watermelon
  • Fruit salad
  • Grilled corn
  • Broccoli salad
  • Hot Dog Macaroni

How to serve hot dogs and keep hot dogs warm for a party?

All hot dogs need to get the right temperature for the best results. So, how to serve and keep hot dogs warm for a party? Here are creative techniques to consider. 

Use hot dog wrappers.

These hot dog sleeves maintain the right amount of temperature for your hot dogs. They are just everything you need to keep your hotdogs warm. 

Prepare a countertop hot dog warmer.

Countertop hot dog warmer not only keeps hot dogs warm but also offers a style and great taste that every guest can accomplish. 

Use hot dog boxes and wooden sticks.

This helps guests to hold and eat the hot dog easily. 

Buy a cake

Who doesn’t love a cake? Just make sure you pick your flavor and add an elegant hot dog topping to decorate it. 

Hot Dog Themed Party Decorations

A party without colorful decoration becomes bland. Decorations not only enhance the mood of the guests but also sharpen the look of the venue. It also makes the place look aesthetically pleasing and sets the party’s ambiance. Here are a few decoration ideas that can surely make your guests happy. 

Vintage Hot Dogs tin signs

A chance to add a little bit of character to your party with vintage hot dogs tin signs! It can serve as an excellent decoration when guests line up for their hot dogs. 

Jumbo Hot dog balloons

Balloons are the most vital things when it comes to party decorations. And Jumbo hot dog balloons are everything you need for a stunning hot dog bar party. They will hypnotize the guests with plenty of beauty. 

Hot dog bar garland

Hot dog bar garland will add life to your party celebration. They will make the whole party a blast.

Picnic tables

Instead of traditional tables, build a picnic table for your guests. It will bring the casual feeling that your visitors deserve. Picnic tables can also make the venue look like a park. 

Red and White Checked Tablecloth

Dress up the table with a Red and White Checked Tablecloth for a unique table setting. Your guests will love it. 

Mason Jars

Use mason jars when serving beverages. They are more likely to add a modern, sleek and aesthetic finish to your table setting. To make things extra special, attach the names of your guests along with a small note for them to take home as party favors. 

Triangle Banner Flags

Make them look like streamers and hang them around the party area. Twist them for a fun effect and wow your guests. Triangle banner flags can create a backdrop for your hot dog table. 

Bandana Napkins

Grab those silverware, fold them into bandanas and bring a unique table setting that can excite your guests. Bandanas also add a cheerful touch that can surely liven up your hot dog-themed party. 

Sunflower Centerpieces

Sunflower Centerpieces make a gorgeous decoration. They symbolize prosperity, so adding them to your decoration will give your party a sophisticated and exotic appeal. 

Central Park Hot Dog Stand

Build your own, or rent a hot dog stand. It will make a perfect decoration that your guests will love. 

Hot Dog Themed Party Dress Up

Dressing up for your hot dog-themed party is a perfect way to impress your guests. Here are some creative ideas to help you plan an amazing hot dog party that will be the talk of towns for weeks to come. 

Hot dog waiter costume

Want to be the yummiest waiter? It will make every visitor excited as you serve them your hot dogs. Everyone will find a bit of humor in that costume

A party costume for your guests

Host a hot dog party and make it filled with kick-ass costumes. Have them printed sausage with some ketchup filling. You can be sure to have a lot of fun. However, if you are tight on budget, wearing a paper hat or a hot dog apron can work pretty well. 

Hot Dog Party Favors 

Party favor is a sweet custom linked to any event. And for a hot dog-themed party, it is a thoughtful way to express thanks to your visitors. It is also a perfect way to add some fun to reception while enhancing a good time. Here are cute hot dog party favors that can surely put a smile on your guests. 

Hot Dog Squishy Toys

Hot dog squishy toys are the perfect appreciative giveaways to show visitors how much you love them. Plan them ahead of time, along with the décor, menu, and schedule of the day. 

Gummi Hot Dog 

Gummi hot dog is a unique way of expressing gratitude for the person being involved in the event. Make them super neat and fun to eat. 


There are plenty of ideas to make your hot dog bar party a real season winner. And there are plenty of ways to give a variety to your hot dog foods by adding a twist of side dishes that compliment them. Furthermore, there are many ideal party favors, and your party is an exciting opportunity to incorporate them. Finally, there is something you can do to dress up a party. And our list of creative ideas can help you do it in the most memorable way possible. 

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